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4 Ways to Save When Gaming

Caption: Playing on mobile is often more cost-effective than gaming on traditional consoles or PCs

Online games are the talk of the town. They used to be a niche activity, but now everyone from the young to the retired is engaging in online gaming as a pastime or a way to spend their workday breaks.

However, failing to keep track of gaming subscriptions and sign-up fees can lead to some gamers finding their passion for button bashing is burning a hole in their pocket.

In this article, we look at four simple ways to keep gaming as cheap as possible.

Comparison Websites are the Way to Go

A great way to ensure you are getting the best value for money on gaming sites is to visit comparison websites before you do anything else.

What such sites do is to collate all the best sign-up bonuses and offers from tried and trusted gaming companies, while also debunking much of the confusing small print that usually comes attached to such deals. This makes comparison sites like oddschecker indispensable for anyone who wants to get the most out of their online gaming experience.


Caption: By looking after the pennies, gamers can treat themselves to lush hardware like this specialist gaming keyboard

Play on Mobile if You Can

One of the cheapest ways to play online games is to ditch your console or PC and switch it for your phone or tablet. This is because most new generation mobile devices have almost the same level of computing power as their inflexible counterparts, and in some cases, the mobile versions of top games are either free or cheaper to play.

Monthly Subscriptions and Cloud Platforms Offer Great Value

It has taken a while for the gaming industry to create its very own version of Netflix or Spotify, but now there are lots of cloud and streaming services that, for a monthly fee, can provide endless gaming possibilities, and at much-reduced prices.

This is particularly true at the moment, as gaming companies such as Xbox and PlayStation do everything they can to lure new players onto their respective platforms, and are willing to compensate them accordingly.

Retro Consoles and Big Bundles

One trend that shows no sign of going away anytime soon is that of retro games making a comeback. There are a good number of online outlets that make many pixelated classics completely free to play. There are also some excellent retro consoles from the likes of Atari, which not only look great but also come loaded with tons of amazing games from yesteryear.

So there you have it. Follow these tips and you’ll have just a much fun online gaming, for a fraction of the price.