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7 Softwares Leading the Way in Parental Control Apps

Arguably, children today spend more time online than their parents. As a parent, this presents a problem since the internet gives children access to all sorts of content. Thanks to surveillance apps, parents can monitor their kids. 

Such software helps parents monitor all the activities on their kids’ devices. However, with a multitude of software that claim to deliver such service, it can be a challenge choosing the right app. 

In this post, you get to learn about the 7 software leading the way in parental control apps. These are among the most advanced apps available to parents today. 

#1 Spyine – The leading parental control app

As one of the latest and most powerful parental control apps, Spyine offers parents amazing features. The app comes with over 30 features that allow parents to monitor virtually any aspect of their kids’ devices. 

To check out its demo mode, check out its website. Spyine, thanks to its capabilities, has been gaining media attention from popular outlets like Forbes. Over a million users worldwide trust Spyine for their tracking needs. 

The app can monitor iOS and Android devices. Best of all, it is a web-based tracking app that allows remote parental access. This way, kids are unaware that their parents are tracking all their online activities and movements. 

With Spyine, you can meet your goal to ‘track my wife’s phone’ discreetly. 

Why should parents use Spyine?

Besides its amazing features, Spyine has warmed the hearts and minds of many thanks to its manner of operation. Here are some of the things that make users have a very high customer approval rating of 96%.


With Spyine, parents won’t have to worry about the data privacy of their kids when using this app. Spyine doesn’t have access to data from third-party apps which eliminates any concerns of data privacy. 

Also, the app only allows parents who have credentials to access the content on Spyine dashboard.

Jailbreak-free and root-free solution 

Spyine doesn’t require rooting Android devices or jailbreaking iOS devices to start monitoring your kid’s devices. The practice is still common with most surveillance apps. 

However, Spyine relies on cutting-edge technology to avoid rooting or jailbreaking your kid’s device. Besides, the process of rooting or jailbreaking a device takes time and requires special skills. 

Also, it voids the warranty on your kid’s phone. What’s more, it compromises the security of your child’s device. The app is among a handful of apps that don’t compromise your child’s device.

Works in stealth 

Spyine allows you to monitor your kids’ in secrecy. The app works in the background to avoid interfering with the performance of your kid’s device. What’s more, it is web-based which allows remote monitoring. 

On iOS devices, no installation is necessary. Spyine uses the iCloud to track and monitor your kid. For Android devices, one-time access is necessary for the installation of the app. 

After installation of the Android app, it automatically disguises itself in installed apps. All these measures ensure your monitoring activities remain undetectable. 

#2 Spyier

This is another popular surveillance app that offers parental control. Spyier is among the latest and most reliable surveillance apps in the industry. It is equipped with over 30 surveillance features. 

What’s more, it allows parents to monitor their kid’s Android and iOS devices. Above all, the app eliminates the need to compromise the security of your child’s device. Its operations are discreet to avoid detection. 

#3 Spyic

As one of the pioneers in the surveillance industry, Spyic provides parents with over 35 features. These let them monitor almost any aspect of their kids’ devices. Besides online activities, it can monitor the whereabouts of a child. 

Spyic is an online-based surveillance app that allows parents to monitor their children remotely. To do this, they only need to sign in to their Spyic dashboard. Here, parents have access to all the features the app offers. 

#4 Minspy

Another popular parental control app is Minspy. The app is equipped with over 30 features that make monitoring a child’s device easy. What’s more, its intuitive user interface makes the process of monitoring a child’s device smooth. 

With Minspy, parents have more than enough features to know what their kids are up to online. The app operates in secrecy to ensure children don’t know you are monitoring them. Minspy works on iOS and Android devices. 

#5 Neatspy 

With Neatspy, parents get a comprehensive surveillance app. The app allows them to monitor more than just their kids’ online activities but also their whereabouts. What’s more, they get to do this remotely and discreetly. 

Neatspy works on both Android and iOS devices. What’s more, it is equipped with more than 30 features that give parents virtually unlimited surveillance capabilities. It can monitor everything from social media to browser activity. 

#6 Spyzie

Spyzie is another leading parental control app. It comes equipped with over 30 features. Besides, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to start using Spyzie on your kids’ device. 

The app is popular with parents who wish to monitor their children’s whereabouts at all times. It also allows them to monitor almost all the activities on their kid’s devices. 

#7 ClickFree 

With ClickFree, users get the latest surveillance technology. The app supports the monitoring of Android and iOS devices. Also, it comes with more than 30 surveillance features that offer almost unlimited access to your kid’s device. 

ClickFree is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app lets parents monitor their kids remotely via a web browser. Like all the most advanced surveillance apps, ClickFree is a web-based app. 


With so many surveillance apps available today, parents find it difficult to locate the best app for the job. This post has shed light on the 7 leading software for parental control.