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american megatrends bios update

American Megatrends Bios Update: Motherboard Identifications

If you have a habit of keeping your system hardware and software updated all by yourself, then you must have heard the name of American Megatrends. In recent times the products from American megatrends are called AMI products.

Like every other hardware and software of your system, the BIOs also needs to get updated from time to time. An update can help a BIOs to improve its stability and performance too. The good news is that now performing an American Megatrend bios update is easier than ever before.

That is because the American Megatrends manufacturers now distribute free Flash BIOS Utilities to every customer. By these Utilities, anyone can easily perform the American megatrends bios update.

Today in this article we will discuss some points on updating your American megatrends bios.  But before going straight on to that discussion, initially, let us get a brief note on what American megatrends are? and why the products from the American megatrends are so much famous?

American Megatrends- A Brief Note

Just as mentioned earlier, American megatrends or rather known as AMI is an international hardware and software manufacturing company from the United States of America. First founded in the year 1985, since then American megatrends have only focused on manufacturing some of the best in class hardware and software products for PCs and laptops.

From the very first the major aim of American megatrends is to manufacture world-class motherboards. But gradually over the years, the company spread its wings by producing BIOS software for Motherboards, server motherboards, storage controllers and remote-management cards.

But today we are talking about how you can perform American megatrends bios update. In order to that, there are some things that you have to keep in mind. So just follow the below section and you will be good to go.

Motherboard Identifications

There is a huge range of motherboards manufactured by the American megatrends. Now the thing is that every different product comes with unique AMI BIOS codes. But many users change their AMI BIOS code as per to make the product compatible with their systems.

So if you want to update the American megatrends BIOS then the first thing you need to do is go to the official website American megatrends or AMI and check whether the system you are using has an AMI approved motherboard or not.

From the website, you will find an AMI reference. The reference is nothing but a serial number and it should match with the AMI motherboard installed on your system. If you cannot find any similar AMI reference then you should contact your computer providing service for further guidance.

If non of the identification procedure works for your case, then you can just download the AMIBID from the internet. And simply run this motherboard identification tool on your computer.

AMI BIOS ROM and Flash Utility

Once you are done with determining your AMI motherboard fitted on your system, now you have to download the AMI Firmware Utility Tool from the internet. This utility will help you to update your American megatrend BIOS.

Hence all you need to do now is follow the below steps and you can easily carry out the updating procedure.

  • Once the AMI Firmware Utility tool is downloaded on your computer, unzip the downloaded zip file and move on to the next step.
  • After the utility tool folder is unzipped, then from the mother folder, select the AFUWN folder and choose either 32 bit or 64 bit and click on the executable file named AFUWIN.EXE.
  • Now a dialogue box will open on your screen. Click on the OK button to continue.
  • In the next step, click on the Open button. From here you can search for and can select the ROM file that you have already downloaded on your system from the motherboard manufacturer’s website.
  • Now click on the flash button. Once you click on it you will see that a process tab will open on your display.
  • From here you can see the live BIOS update process.

After the whole process is complete, close the Flash Utility Tool and restart your computer. In general, case after the total process is complete the motherboard BIOS will restart itself. Once you start your system again, you will get a successfully newly updated BIOS.

In the End

So hence we can finally conclude that if you are using an American megatrends motherboard. If your AMI BIOS needs any kind of update then you can easily do that by just using the AMI BIOS Utility Tool.

In recent years, it is quite evident that most of the BIOS setups are getting replaced by UEFI that is Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. But there are still some manufacturers like American Megatrends who use BIOS chipset.

So if you are facing any problem while performing American Megatrend Bios update then just refer to the above topic.