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What is Android Go and Which Phone runs it?

Smartphones are one of the biggest selling products in growing markets like India and Brazil. Smartphones are used not only for calling playing games and watching videos but also for online transactions, shopping and even teaching. But not everyone is capable of buying smartphones with the smartest features and high memory. Money is a big factor. So Android series came up with a version called Android Go or Android (Go edition).

Android (Go Edition) or commonly known as Android Go was designed for phones with a slower speed and low memory. Android Go runs on Android smartphones with 1 GB RAM or less. It comprises of three optimized areas- the operating system, Google Play Store and Google apps. This Android version was created for people to enjoy higher level smartphone facilities in a weaker device. The Go edition is the best of the Android series. It is made with reimagined applications. This edition is comparatively cheaper than devices with other Android versions making more people buy smartphones at affordable price.

What is Android Go? The Overview

Android Go came closer to people’s hearts for its outstanding specifications and that too at an affordable monetary value. These features include:

  1. A far better performance
  2. Saves more data
  3. Provides stronger security to your device
  4. Provides more storage
  5. App developers

Go Edition performs way Better

Android Go was developed with the applications reimagined compatible only for Go edition. The reimagined apps include Google Go, Google Assistant Go and Gallery Go.

a. Google Go

Google Go gives you the facility to discover the web. It makes it easy to search well-known queries, top-ranked websites, and the best applications. You can also search for the best quality images, videos, GIF files with the smallest amount of typing.

b. Google Assistant Go

Google Assistant is not a common feature if you speak of a smartphone with 1 GB or less RAM. But Android (GO Edition) made it possible to include this genius feature in smartphones with 1 GB or even lesser memory.

For the first time, you can use Google Assistant in a 1 GB RAM (or less) phones. It is a lighter version of the original Google Assistant where you can ask it questions or tell it to do things like calling anyone or set an alarm and many more smart stuff.

c. Gallery Go

Gallery Go is a lighter version of the original google photos. You can check photos, watch videos on the device offline with quicker file loading. It also provides one-tap editing facility which makes your photos look beautiful.

Photos in the gallery are arranged on the basis of the time it was created or clicked, edited, received or downloaded from any external source. This automatic arrangements of photos help you to find your required photo in no time.

Android (Go Edition) saves more Data

This Android version consists of a data manager by default along with many other options which will help you to save a large amount of data. Go edition provides several ways to remain in control of your data. This feature is a plus point of this Android edition as we utilize data not just for using it but to enjoy the beauties of the Internet.

You can share your content from anywhere, music, photos, videos, and play games without putting any effect on your data.

Go can manage the applications on your phone which use your mobile data. Chrome is one of those browsers which comes with its own data saver. Chrome can restrict background data when turned on which saves up to 60% of mobile Internet data.

Android Go provides stronger security to your device

The basic security properties provided by the Go edition is as same as those of Android 9 (Android Pie). Google Play Protect is the built-in mobile security comes with each and every Android phone including the ones with Android (Go edition). It keeps your data and applications protected all day long.

You can easily track down your device if it is stolen or lost by setting a security code. You can even wipe it clean by signing in to your Google account using another device.

Even if you are offline, Go edition scans all the applications installed on your device independent of the source you downloaded them from.

Provides more storage

The applications which come with the Go edition are usually smaller in size. This gives you more available storage on your device.

Go devices come with pre-installed reimagined applications which are much lighter and occupies lesser space. Hence you get double extra available storage. You will not have any storage problems using the Android Go.

Android Go comes with improved performance with brand new applications created for lighter updates and downloads.

Files are discoverable with the help of filters and not using folders. Google’s File Management application cleans up storage space with intelligent recommendations.

App developers

The team of Android Go has hauled up with App Developers to gift a brand new and evenly secure set of applications to the vanguard of your smartphone.

Phones that use Android Go

  • Nokia 2.1
  • Samsung Galaxy J4 Core
  • Samsung Galaxy A2 Core
  • Huawei Y5 Lite
  • Moto E5 Play Go
  • Xiaomi Redmi Go
  • Nokia 1 Plus

These are some famous smartphones getting sold in the market at a high rate because of the outstanding features their operating system, Android (Go edition), they provide.


People are opting more for Android Go version for the various advantages it provides the users. The best part is it is one of the cheapest in the market. The Go team has been successful to build up a technology that furnishes seamlessly into people’s lives.