All You Need To Know About LG’s New Android Oreo Update To Its Smartphones

LG’s working really hard on improving their user experience after they have opened their new ‘Software Upgrade Center’ in its Native Korea. From now on this company will only focus on developing new software and smartphone operating systems to give its user a faster device experience. They simply want to increase the performance of the Android smartphones and make them more attractive to the public.

Problems That Oreo Has Come Along With

Most of the Android OEM users have reported this problem that their OS doesn’t provide the latest Android services that others on the market do. There are multiple issues that they deal with frequently. For example – Android Customization and carriers. As per the Korean films, they are trying to bring out Oreo out of all their LG phones.

Android Oreo Update

Except for the Android oreo updates, it will also focus on the stability performance of the handsets. So their smartphones work well on the LG phones without compromising on their system performance. Hwang Jeong-hwan, the CEO of LG Mobile took this strategy as their first major priority. He was the first person to identify this problem and place it as the first requirement of the worldwide users.

The new center is operating the whole system which is physically located in Magok-dong in Western Seoul. It has undertaken the task of future Development & Research work on their latest Android oreo update. Through effective stability and compatibility testing, it is also trying to improve the quality of their released updates. So if you are an LG user, get ready for a faster and higher quality update on your LG phone.

Feature Highlight of Android 8.0 And 8.1 Oreo OS

The main focus of this system is to improve the speed and efficiency of the smartphone. Google’s Pixel phones have seen their boot time cutting into the half after the Android 8.0 update. Not only this, there are many more aspects that have been taken care of by the latest update. The battery drainage issue has also being looked after by them.

LG missed pushing the new Android Oreo update to the phone by the deadline and the update finally released in June. The recent Android 8.0 update has been noticed by one of our users on their LG G6 model that included the security patch of May 2018. All the features like picture-in-picture and notification