Best Open Source Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) have successfully replaced the conventional way of creating the website. However, there are several websites without the consideration of a full CMS. But gone are the times of the hand-coded websites. Therefore, choosing the right open source Content Management System should be one of your topmost priorities if you are launching a website and planning for running an online business. To get started with your online venture, all you need to have is a significant type of hosting plan and CMS. Follow this article to know the best open source Content Management Systems that are worth considering creating a website.

WordPress Open Source CMS

WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS for creating websites and blogs. The reason why WordPress is so popular is due to its quick installation and high customization ability. Furthermore, an immense range of premium plugins along with the easy PHP and CSS file editing has made it user-centric.

With the increasing amount of malware attacks, it is very much necessary to build a platform like WordPress. It gives the users a secure configuration. Besides its secure configuration, if you keep things up to date, then you would not face any trouble while using this. WordPress as an open source Content Management System is used as it can be installed on any hosting account. You can build a website according to your preferences. Additionally, you will get a polished and search engine friendly website. If you are looking for a blog-friendly platform, then WordPress is all you want. Besides blog writing, you can also extend your work beyond blog and content writing with the WordPress. That’s why WordPress has become the most recommended CMS option all the time.

Drupal Open Source CMS

Users who have hand in experience working in HTML, CSS, and PHP would love to work with the Drupal. Precisely, Drupal is one of the advanced Content Management Systems that is useful for the developers to build a powerful website. If you are a web developer, then Drupal is the one CMS suggested for you. Using Drupal, you can develop a database driven website.

Drupal Web Development Dubai is famous for taking care of Drupal Web Development Services worldwide. With Drupal, you can easily manage a large volume of content and traffic without any hassle. In terms of its stability and performance, it is a suggested CMS for the e-commerce and government sites. Also, it can be viewed as a content management framework. The Drupal platform aims at providing an extensive range of add-ons, especially for the experienced developer.   

Users find only one way to differentiate the Drupal and WordPress. With both the CMS environment, you can customize your website. However, with the Drupal, users can customize the backend more accurately than the WordPress.

Joomla Open Source CMS

Joomla is another widely used CMS application. A million users out there use this platform for creating business websites and a large organization website. Being a platform of choice, it is definitely useful for creating a customized website. Besides its features, it is applicable for controlling RSS layout and other important elements without using special themes. You can even include a default extension on Joomla.

Concrete5 Open Source CMS

Although it is a lesser known CMS platform, it has undertaken the task of positioning itself in the list of the best CMS applications all the time. For its easy-to-use and time saver feature, it is considered to be one of the best CMS applications. With the Concrete5 CMS, you can get customized websites for the magazine and other general web portals.

Notably, the user can utilize the application for drag and drop page arrangement. However, you can use other CMS application for such a purpose by adding the extensions, but it’s better to a native environment.

TYPO3 Open Source CMS

According to the records, Typo3 is an application with its standard CMS functionality. Using this CMS, developers can customize according to their needs. Apart from this, users can also expand the application by using extensions. This is what makes it stand out among the top best open source Content Management Systems. It is a powerful CMS application all the time.

 Another interesting fact about using this CMS application is experiencing the Ajax drag and drop elements. Thus, it is useful for the less code-competent users. Not only you get a good customization experience, but also you get control over the layouts using this CMS application.  

Wrapping Up

If you research the Content Management Systems, then you will get countless CMS solutions. But, are they really reliable? If you want to experience a seamless work environment, then you can blindly believe in the recommended solutions mentioned-above. After all, using the CMS you can build the website with advanced functionalities. These are the most popular names in the CMS applications which are user-centric and full of features. Thus, you can utilize these CMS platforms in order to launch a high traffic e-commerce website.

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