Securing 5G Networks – Challenges and Recommendations

With an era of 4G almost fading away, the arrival of the fifth-generation (5G) telecom network has the potential to revolutionize the world. People believe that 5G will have a massive impact on our lives with privileges beginning from smart homes, driverless cars, telemedicine, magnificent 5G internet download speed and advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI). […]


Five of the biggest challenges 5G is going to face

4g is now proving insufficient to manage with the diversified necessity in terms of heavy network and increased capacity. With the expanding reach of mobile phones and global internet of things(IoT) 4G is not enough to provide maximum support. Thus, it becomes definite to introduce broadband cellular networks that can take the load of billions […]


How to Fix error code 0x803f8001 on Xbox One?

Xbox has been a dynamic console for millions of users and enthusiasts since it was introduced in 2013. But recently, several users reports are coming up which states they are facing Xbox one error 0x803f8001 while the game is left idle for some time. The exact error code on the Xbox one says “ Do […]

Spectrum Error HL1000

Get Fixes For The Spectrum Error HL1000

The error code HL1000 can come up on your Spectrum device because of the wrong startup attempt of the machine. This error code appears along with a message – “currently unavailable. Please try again later”. This error code when occurs does not let you watch anything. In order to watch the television once again, you […]

Node.JS Web Frameworks

Best Node.js Frameworks For 2019

Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment that is open source and is built on the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. You can use the Node.js for developing server-side and all the networking applications. All the Node.js applications are coded in JavaScript and be executed within the Node.js runtime environment on any type of Operating Systems […]