How to Play Games on Your Old, Low-End Laptop

  If you’re wanting to indulge your love of gaming but would prefer not to splash out several hundred bucks on a console or even more money on a high-end gaming PC, you’re not alone. If all you have to work with is the battered old laptop that you have faithfully been using for little […]


The Best Streaming Services Available for your Smartphone

Streaming services have been around for about a decade now, and have completely revolutionised the way we consume all kinds of media. Using physical media devices like VHS and cassette tapes seems archaic today, and CDs and DVDs are not too far behind. While just a generation ago, a Friday or Saturday night might have […]


How to Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU?

Are you getting high CPU or disk usage problems with the Windows modules installer worker? Windows users frequently complain that the Windows modules installer worker is using a large percentage of CPU. Basically, Windows modules installer worker is a Windows update service that checks for the new updates for your Windows device. Though it is […]


How to Fix Application Error 0xc0000005 on Windows 10?

While trying to run an application or program on your Windows 10 computer, you may get pop-ups stating “This application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000005 “. Or you can see notifications saying Access violation exception error   This is also referred to as an Access violation error. It directly means that windows 10 is […]


Avast Service High CPU Usage: Best Troubleshooting Methods

Avast helps to protect your device from both the online and offline virus infections. It starts working when the computer turns on. Avast continuous background scanning process is a cause, responsible for the Avast service high CPU usage issue. As Avast uses over 50 % of the CPU power, the computer starts responding slowly. This […]