ways to avoid phishing scams

Effective ways to avoid phishing scams at the moment

Image via Cyber criminality is on the rise, and it’s a huge global concern. Recently, we gave you advice on how to maximise cybersecurity in everyday life, but that was more general advice around avoiding online criminality as a whole. Now, we’re going into more detail and, more specifically, around one of the most […]


As a ReactJS developer, what languages you need to learn

Website designing and web programming attract a large number of newcomers to the IT world. In my personal opinion, this is due to a fairly low entry threshold. The number of those wishing to become a front-end developer is increasing every year, as a result of which the requirements for candidates are also growing. Especially […]

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing – Learn Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is the marketing approach that focuses on creating content based on relevancy, value, consistency, and the potential to attract an audience. The main reason for content marketing is to generate profit based on customer actions. But to get to customer action and generating profit, one has to master the art of creating […]

best streaming media player

7 Best Streaming Media Player for 2020-2021

Cable TV is becoming obsolete, but with the advancement of technology, a variety of streaming devices have come up. Various renowned companies have participated in producing the best streaming media players that can provide you with real entertainment at affordable prices.  These streaming devices will be attached to the TV. On the other hand, it […]


Is Bitcoin a good investment? What do the financial experts say?

How can you be sure that the Bitcoin is a good investment option? All cryptocurrencies in general, including the Bitcoin, have been embroiled in controversies ever since their inception. On the one hand, they appear to be legitimate since their value is determined by a blockchain shared across multiple computers but independent of any government […]