Buggy iOS 11 Beta vs iOS 10

After the iOS update to 11.03, many users are facing a lot of troubles. People are searching for ways by which they can go back to the older iOS 10.3.2. I know it sounds a bit scary but then it is possible. Downgrading is the process of setting the old version from the new one. Apple generally rebukes the downgrade process because this causes damages to the phones, iPads or iPods. This is done to fight fragmentation. You should always remember downgrading your device does not necessarily change the baseband or the modern firmware for unlocking.

Check these Steps to Downgrade your iOS 11 Beta

Downgrading is difficult and risky but possible. Check these points for an initial startup process.

iPad Downgrade

  • You have to install the proper IPSW. Presently, 10.3.2 is the public firmware by Apple. You cannot revert to the earlier versions or the versions which were there before 10.3.2. By chance, if your phone underwent a jailbreak prior to 11, then there is a high chance you cannot reverse the action.
  • You need to connect the iPhone and commence the iTunes program. After you are done with this process you have to select the Restore iPhone option.
  • While on iTunes tap on the Alt option and select the ‘check for an update’
  • Soon after this, you will get IPSW option. Open it.
  • Choose update after the message flashes on the screen.
  • Ensure that after the downgrading process has begun, you will not switch off or unplug your device at any cost, After doing all this step, if you are unable to downgrade the iPad, you can take the help from the iPad Technical Support.

iPod Downgrade

The process which works for an iPad also follows up for iPod. However, there is a small trick utilized by the developer. There is an application named TinyUmbrella. It provides a dark view of the situation where the iTunes is basically tricked. iTunes might think it is connecting the Apple server but in reality, it is helping to bridge sync-software to Saurik’s Server that is providing a green signal for the older firmware.

  • Switch your device on the DFU mode
  • Check your host file which does not retain references from Apple
  • Go to the TSS server, on Tiny Umbrella
  • open iTunes and restore the version
  • But then if you receive a recovery error code, immediately turn off iTunes without wasting a single second

Additionally, we come across some non- developers who have picked up ways to install the beta on their own. While most of the developers expect buggy betas, non-developers downloading beta software on the regularly used electronic device often yearn to revert to an older version. The older version is usually lacking unpredictability, crashing and less productive applications which come with a new testing version. Basically, non-developers face more issues. Please utilize the iPod Support Number for further queries.

The device contains fingerprints that connect the iTunes and Apple. It is always advisable to protect your SHSH blob. You can save your SHSH blob with iFaith windows on IPSW file. This is the only possible way to downgrade your device.


These are technical devices, hence an expert help is a must. We cannot configure the software and hardware problems. On top of that, these are serious issues of downgrading. Users may lose their phones permanently if they perform it all on their own. But, make sure you check the updates and then download them. It is preferable if you do not downgrade the iOS 11 beta because it readily hampers the phone and makes it less productive. Even if you wish to perform the downgrade please ensure the correct procedures or for any help her please go ahead with Apple Tech Support.

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