Apple Iphone

Easy Steps to Resolve iTunes Home Sharing Error 5507

When you try to enable home share on iTunes, you encounter the iTunes home sharing error 5507. This is one of the most common errors and comes with an error message “Home sharing could not be activated because an error occurred(5507). This error code generally appears when your PC is not stable and some critical […]

macbook pro not charging

Top 5 troubleshooting Methods For MacBook Air / MacBook Pro Not Charging

The portability of a laptop makes it more useful and easy to use. However, that is when the laptop is charged up. If the battery has drained all its power, then it will shutdown. Sometimes, the users of MacBook Pro or Air faces the problem of their MacBook Air or Macbook pro not charging.  There […]

7z for mac

How To Open 7z Files On Mac?

In the daily interaction with your Mac, you have come across a .7z file Mac. Since you are a Mac user, you will not be able to open it normally. This .7z file is nothing but an archive format. The name 7z stands for 7-zip.  The Mac by default is unable to open any file […]

task manager mac

How to open task manager on mac?

If you are new to the Mac OS, then it is normal to ask “how to open task manager on Mac?” This is because of the fact that Mac OS is very different from that of the windows OS. The task manager on Mac shows the programs that are running. It also tells you the […]