Securing 5G Networks – Challenges and Recommendations

With an era of 4G almost fading away, the arrival of the fifth-generation (5G) telecom network has the potential to revolutionize the world. People believe that 5G will have a massive impact on our lives with privileges beginning from smart homes, driverless cars, telemedicine, magnificent 5G internet download speed and advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI). […]

Node.JS Web Frameworks

Best Node.js Frameworks For 2019

Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment that is open source and is built on the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. You can use the Node.js for developing server-side and all the networking applications. All the Node.js applications are coded in JavaScript and be executed within the Node.js runtime environment on any type of Operating Systems […]

Airport Extreme Base Station

Speed your Network without Changing Apple Airport Extreme Base Station

Airport extreme is apple’s 6th generation wireless router which has latest Wi-fi technology along with great features. Its base station can attain data rates up to 1.3Gbps with three-stream 802.11 ac technology. Airport extreme base station is a gateway product of apple which has different functionality of a router, network switch, wireless access points, network-attached […]