Having a ZEUS Virus Scam? ZEUS Virus Removal Instructions

While using your PC, you must have come across a threat from your Windows Defender saying, “Your system has detected Zeus virus”. The Zeus virus is a social engineering threat that mainly attacks your web browser. In case the Zeus virus enters your web browser then you might encounter some abnormalities. Like the browser may […]


Portuguese and Brazilian IPTV m3u lists updated in 2020

Today’s generation believes in gathering new information on their personal interest. And this is exactly what happens when it comes to watching television shows. Due to the rise of the digital world, everything came under fingertips. The TV industry took advantage of this situation and spread its wings all over the internet. Hence, now everyone […]


Idp.alexa.51 Virus: Idp.alexa.51 Virus Removal Guide

If you have come across a notification from your antivirus software, that you have an Idp.alexa.51 Virus threat, then never take this threat lightly. First identified in the year 2016 by the anti-virus suites like AVG, Avast, the Idp.alexa.51 Virus is a malware that is associated with various online games. The Idp.alexa.51 Virus can be […]


192.168 100.1 Router Login: 192.168 100.1 Admin Login

The is a personal IP address that is used to configure any type of local network device under your private network. In certain cases, the 192.168 100.1 IP address acts as the default IP address for many routers. But if we are talking about private IP addresses then there is a lot. Among them, […]

Tech Login: Admin Login

If you are an active user of any kind of modern routers, then you might have come across a common IP address. Yes, we are talking about the infamous login IP address. The IP is one of the most widely used IP address in the whole world. And it is because of the […]