bitraider streaming client

Bitraider Web Client

If you are a hardcore gamer and love to show your gaming skills by live streaming your games, then this topic is really going to impress you. Today in this article we will be discussing the famous online game streaming web client Bitraider.  On a brief, Bitraider is an online platform that allows gamers from […]

how to reset surface pro

How to Factory Reset Surface Pro without Password

Released in the year 2015, Microsoft surface pro is a hybrid combination of laptop and tablet. Since its release, the Surface Pro is one of the best Windows tablets in the global market.  But today in this topic we will discuss a common problem that a lot of people face with their Microsoft Surface Pro. […]

my laptop is very slow

7 Reasons Why Your Computer is Slow

Just like all other electronic devices computer is also an electronic device. And just like all other electronic devices, computers also causes some problems. Among these problems, one of the major ones is dealing with a slow computer.  This is not only a common problem but also an irritating one. Therefore the internet is always […]

asus aura not working

How to Fix Asus Aura Sync Not Working Issues : The Easiest Solution

ASUS Aura is a software that allows a user to control the RGB lighting of Asus RGB products which includes motherboards, graphics cards, monitors and other peripherals. With this software the LED lights can be set to a users preference, allowing for a more personal experience.  Although this is a solid performing software there are […]

overclocking ram

How to Overclock DDR4 RAM (2020 Edition: Safe & Easy)

RAM overclocking is generally necessary for those game enthusiasts who want to use more speed of their RAMs. and the concept is that in order to fully utilize your computer’s RAM you have to overlock it.  Now a DDR4 RAM is a kind of synchronous dynamic type random access memory. The DDR4 RAMs come with […]