Discord Mic not Working

What To Do When Discord Mic Not Working : [FIXED]

Discord is a platform for online gamers to unite. The community has been growing into a large one for a long time now. One of the major key facility discord provides is the availability of a microphone for in-game communication.  However, users have recently reported that the discord mic not working. In detail, what is […]

Content File Locked Steam

How to fix Steam Content File Locked Error easily

Steam has been rendering video game distribution service for more than 15 years now supported by millions of gamers community and e-sports enthusiasts. Steam has reached a peak with 14.15 million total users around the globe.  But recently many users have started reporting about the steam error they are facing while updating a steam game […]

5g protection

5G Has Massive Speed, but Does It also Raise the Stakes on Privacy, Security, potential abuse?

With en era of high speed and cutting edge technology, 2nd and 3rd generation networks are almost fading away eventually with the arrival of the 5th generation cellular communication network.  The next-generation wireless would definitely have incomparable speed and seamless communication. It is sure that 5g is going to be a breakthrough since it is […]

How to Fix Lag

Your Computer is Lagging Due to 5 Reasons: Here is How to Fix Slow PC

Your computer can start lagging or slow down due to multiple reasons and to be honest one of the reasons is how we use it. It’s definitely a machine that needs space and time to operate seamlessly. We keep on downloading programs, install plugins and extensions, keep creating files, browse the web massively and lastly […]

5g Benefits

What is 5G? The 5G wireless Prevolution Explained

With the evolution of smartphones and the internet of things(IoT) over time, they are generating data more than ever. Whereas 4G is not proving sufficient capacity to manage so much data, thus coming of 5G has become definite. The 5th generation network will be 10 times faster than 4G LTE. So, everything that runs on […]