How to Fix error code 0x803f8001 on Xbox One?

Xbox has been a dynamic console for millions of users and enthusiasts since it was introduced in 2013. But recently, several users reports are coming up which states they are facing Xbox one error 0x803f8001 while the game is left idle for some time. The exact error code on the Xbox one says “ Do […]

How to Block Apps from Accessing the Internet

How to Block Apps from Accessing the Internet?

Often it happens that you want your applications online which are connected to the local network and also some greater internet. Therefore there are also times when we want to prevent it from connecting to the internet. Yet before jumping into the procedure of how to block some of the apps from accessing the internet […]

How to open json File in Windows 10

How to Setup if JSON Files are not Working on Windows 10?

The JSON Files which are failing to open is a common problem faced by the users of Windows. They are often faced with the problems of files not opening. Recently, many of the users complain that the JSON Files are not working on the windows. Yet before jumping into the solution in order to resolve […]


How to Fix Bluetooth Not Showing in Device Manager? Windows 10

Under new advancements and technology, Bluetooth can be defined as the one that is wireless. It is for the purpose of transmitting the mobile electronic fixed data but over a shorter distance. It was introduced with the purpose of serving as a wireless substitute in the year 1994. Bluetooth basically communicates with varied electronic devices […]

Move Files from One Folder to Another

How to Transfer Files from One Folder to Another Automatically on Windows 10?

Transferring files from one folder to another folder might be a routined task for some people. Transferring files to some other folder is a time-consuming matter. As everyone knows that time is like a floating stream that’s waiting for none. So, in this era of fast-pacing, automation is an excellent feature that can save your […]