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Ford EcoBoost problems

Common Ford EcoBoost Problems That You Must Be Aware Of

Ford EcoBoost refers to turbocharged engines with direct injection fuel . The superior fuel efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of Ford EcoBoost make it a popular choice of the users. The Ford EcoBoost comes in several variants. The common ones are 3.5 L V6, 2.7L V6, 2.3L inline-4, 2.0L inline-4, 1.6L inline-4, 1.5L inline-4, a 1.5L inline-3, and 1.0L inline-3. None of the engines are flawless, and even Ford EcoBoost poses many problems for the users. In this article, we will talk about the several problems of the Ford EcoBoost Engine

Ford 3.5 EcoBoost Engine

This is a popular variant of Ford EcoBoost, but it poses many problems to the users

  •         Timing chain problem: This is a common problem of the Ford 3.5 EcoBoost. Also, the engines pose a lot of problems when they get out of warranty. You must not ignore The oil change recommendation for long; then it will start posing issues for the users. The results can be disturbing like there can be a misalignment of the chains, which can result in the dislocation of the camshaft and crankshaft.
  •         Spark Plug Problems: This problem occurs when there is a build-up for excessive carbon. The easiest solution can be to replace the plugs.
  •         Exhaust Problems: if the locking mechanism breaks then the pieces would fall in the open valve post cover and could result in this problem. The locking mechanism can break eventually, and your engine can end up in burning and smoke can come out of the exhaust. If you are p; planning to purchase Ford 3.5 EcoBoost Engine then you must be careful about this issue.
  •         Intercooler Condensation and intake valve problems: This can happen on humid days and can even result from overheating
  •         Calibration Problems: This issue happens when the calibration updates of the engine is faulty
  •         Ignition issues: Sometimes you can face ignition issues with these engines. It can result from the injection of induction cleaners into the intake. The cleaners can destroy the bearings seals and turbines and can lead to ignition of the machine. 
  •         Smoke from Exhaust: Overheating and excessive usage can lead to blue or white smoke. To prevent this, you need to rotate the adapter counter-clockwise and remove from the valve cover.

2.7 EcoBoost Engine Problems 

  •  The 2.7 EcoBoost Engine can also cause many problems for the users like parts failure, or improper assembly can pose problems
  • Some users have also reported of blown head gaskets
  • When you are using this variant, you must be careful about assembling.

2.3 EcoBoost Engine Problems 

  • This variant can cause problems with carbon build up on the back of the inlet valves in the walls of the inlet.

 2.0 EcoBoost Engine Problems

The 2.0 EcoBoost Engine can cause many problems like 

  • It poses problems with a turbocharger control valve failing
  • The exhaust manifold cracks easily and also give a relatively lower mileage. The replacement of the unit is quite expensive.
  • The engine loses power easily, and the message “check engine” appears on the dashboard frequently.
  • The fuel filter in the tank gets easily clogged, which causes bad acceleration due to issues in pressure delivery. 
  •  Carbon builds up easily on the backside of the intake valves and on walls of the intake ports, which leads to clogging. 

1.5 And 1.6 EcoBoost Engine Problems

  • Overheating and ignition are the most common problems of the two variants mentioned above. Many vehicles reportedly caught fire after using these machines.

1.0 EcoBoost Engine Problems

  • This variant is the smallest EcoBoost engine that Ford that was introduced in 2012 and worked on direct fuel injection. Some of the problems that it can cause are 
  •  Carbon builds up easily and the intake valves get clogged.
  • This variant leads to a loss of engine power
  •  Overheating is another common issue of this variant, and hence the users must be careful

You must be aware of the ford EcoBoost problems before you decide on investing in a machine. You can also do a comparative analysis of the different variants mentioned above and can purchase the one which is suited to your requirements.