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Airport Extreme Base Station

Solution: Ethernet Unplugged Problem in Airport Extreme Base Station

Airport Extreme Base Station was once a worldwide networking device as it offered quick uninterrupted internet signal at a long distance. Now it is not that popular as it was before but people are still using this routing device.

Still, you will find a huge mass accessing the internet with the help of Airport Extreme. It comes from the house of one of the biggest manufacturers of gadgets i.e. Apple. Despite, coming from such a branded company, it has encountered all sort of issues.

In this post, you will come to know about one big issue when you are using AirPort Extreme. 

Ethernet Unplugged’ is the problem that many people face with AirPort Extreme. It is an unexpected problem because of its occurs despite everything is good.

Ethernet Unplug: Major Drawback of AirPort Extreme Base Station

Even if you don’t change the connection, the device is not reset, no settings are modified, yet the issue rises. Due to this problem uses lose their internet connection and to solve this they need to reboot the base station.

The main root cause of this issue can be within the firmware of AirPort Extreme Base Station. And the solution to this can be returning to the older firmware version.

Initially, when the internet used to stop functioning, users used to open Apple AirPort Utility Base Station. It appeared with a small red error alert. Clicking on it you could see an error in which a yellow dot appeared corresponding to Ethernet Unplugged. Also, in front of ‘Unsecured Wireless Network’option. a green dot appeared.

Green dot implies everything is OK whereas, yellow dot states the problem is with the device. That is why Ethernet Unplugged became the problem. But Ethernet is not unplugged as confirmed by the users, in reality. 

To solve the problem, users have tried to unplug and plug the Ethernet cable. But this resulted in no solution to the aforesaid problem. They also turned off and turned on the base station again, which fixes the problem for a short span of time.

The main culprit for the repeated occurrence of this problem is the flaw that lies in the Airport firmware. The best part is that it is very easy to have your AirPort to return to the older version of the firmware.

Follow this Procedure:

  • To go to the older version of firmware, you need to open AirPort Utility followed by clicking on your AirPort Extreme base station.
  • There you will get a small speech bubble, which will pop up to the right with all the details regarding your base station.
  • Next, go to ‘version’ and press the ‘option’ key button. With this, you can select a different version of AirPort Extreme firmware.
  • Going back to the immediate previous firmware will solve your problem. You need not go back to a much older version as this may develop some other issue.  

If these steps fix the problem, then it is well and good. And if not then you should approach Airport Extreme Setup experts for the proper solution for the flaw.