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asus aura not working

How to Fix Asus Aura Sync Not Working Issues : The Easiest Solution

For a very long time, Asus has been manufacturing some best in class unmatched gaming motherboards. As like most of the companies out there manufacturing gaming motherboards, Asus motherboards also have RGB features. 

But Asus stood out to the point where they introduced a software named Asus Aura. This software, allows the user to control and personalize the RGB lights on their display. 

But there is more  

Asus has intelligently included some preset modes in the Asus Aura sync software. Therefore it becomes easier for the user to select their preferences. But here the point is, despite all these awesome features, Asus Asus has a major drawback point. 

Since its release,  till now many users have complained that the software does not work properly and has some connectivity issues. That is why soon after the release Asus’s software support team got several complaints like, Asus Aura not working, Asus Aura has stopped working. 

So if you are an active user of the Asus Aura and have encountered this kind of problem, then our recommendation is that you read the whole article. But initially let’s take a look at a brief note on Asus Aura Sync software. 

Asus Aura Sync: A brief note

Basically, Asus Aura Sync is those Asus Aura RGB products that can synchronize the LED lightning with the other Asus Aura products like motherboard, graphics and sound cards, monitors, etc. 

Asus Aura sync got its fame among the community of hardcore gamers. The company released the product to give its users a whole new level of gaming experience. 

Asus Aura sync not working- Causes

Now that you know that what exactly Asus Aura Sync is, then let us some reasons why most of the users are facing difficulties with their Asus Aura Sync software. 

It can be said that there are a number of reasons that lead to this syncing problem. As the Asus Aura Sync is connected with the system motherboard, therefore the below list gives you all the possible reasons for this problem. 

Corrupted installation files

This is the most common reason among most of the users. According to numerous reports, it has very much evident that most of the installation files of the Asus Aura Sync are either corrupted or completely unusable. 

Problem with the installation path

Many users have reported that it is recommended to keep the installation path of the Aura Sync default. As otherwise, the software might not install or might crash too

Clash with other LED lighting software

Now it is a basic concept that if you have previously installed some other lighting software and then again trying to install the Asus Aura Sync over it then you are definitely going to face some difficulties. 

Strip might be plugged in incorrectly 

In order to connect the software to the motherboard, you are going to need a strip. Sometimes this strip does not connect to the motherboard properly thus causing the Aura not to work properly. 

You might be the wrong version of the Aura Sync  

There is also the possibility that the Aura software you are using is not compatible with your system hardware. And that might be a major reason. 

Fast startups can be a reason too

This is a very common and well-known fact that fast startups help you to boot your system faster. But many do not know that fast startups generally clash with the Aura Sync. 

Asus Aura Sync not working- Solutions 

Now the time has come to talk about the solutions of the Asus Aura problems. But here you should take note that, you have to make sure that your motherboard is not physically damaged and also make sure that you are logged in as an administrator in your system. 

Also, check that the RGB pins on your motherboard are not physically damaged. 

Solution 1: Disable Fast Startup

The  Fast Startup feature comes the Windows operating system. This feature helps the user to boot up fast by restoring the previous configurations. That means when you fast boot your system, the system recollects the previous configurations and loads up fast. Thus giving you less booting time. 

But the Asus Aura Sync clashes with this Fast Startup feature, that is why it is recommended that in order to get the proper working of the Aura Syn, you have to disable the Fast Startup feature. Therefore, follow the below steps to disable the fast startup on your system. 

  • Press windows+R and in the opened dialogue box write control panel and click ok
  • From the control panel window, choose the Power Options and click on it 
  • Now in the Power option click on the option saying “Choose what power buttons do”.
  • Here you will see an option saying “Change settings that are currently unavailable”. Click on it. But you should keep in mind you can only access this option only if you are an administrator. 
  • Now go to the bottom of the opened window and uncheck the box that says, “Turn on fast startups”. 
  • Save all the changes you have made and exit the control panel. 
  • After you are done with all of these procedures, restart your computer. Now see whether the Aura Sync is working properly or not. 

If you are satisfied with the solution and see that your Aura Sync is working fine then it’s very good. Otherwise, continue to the next solution. 

Solution 2: Re-install the Asus Aura software 

So the first solution that is disabling the fast startup does not for your case. Ths time uninstall the whole Asus Aura Sync completely from your system. Sometimes users mistakenly install the older version of the software that does not get compatible with the hardware of the system. 

Sometimes the installation file also gets corrupted and fails to install the whole software properly. That is why it is recommended that in case you are facing some errors with the Aura Sync then uninstall it from your system by using the Aura Uninstaller itself and replace it with the latest version. 

Follow the below step to carry out the uninstallation procedure 

  • First, you need to download the uninstallation utility from the official website of Asus.
  • After downloading the file right click on the .exe file and run the file as administrator. 
  • The uninstallation procedure will automatically get started and in no time Asus Aura Sync will be completely removed from your computer. 
  • Now Shut down your system properly and wait for some time.
  • So once you are done with the uninstallation procedure, now you have to download the Aura Sync once again on your system. You can download the latest version of the software from the official website of Asus. 
  • Launch the .exe file on your system and once again newly install the Aura in your system. Here, remember that never change the installation path of the Aura Sync software file. If you do so then the whole installation procedure will be useless. 
  • Now that you have successfully installed Aura sync, restart your system and then launch the Aura application. Now check whether the issue is solved or not. On a note, you should know that if the new version of the Aura sync does not work on your system, then you can always go for the older versions of the software. 

If not, then continue to the next solution. 

Solution 3: Check the headers of the RGB

  • Most of the users out there use the additional LEDs on their rigs. These LEDs are directly connected to the LED headers that are included in the Asus motherboard. The motherboard, of the system, only contains two connectors that are connected to the strips. 
  • These strips have consisted of both LED strips and RGB strips. Therefore it is very important for the RGB strips to keep themselves connected to the RGB headers. So if the Rgb and the LED strips are not properly connected to their respective headers then the software will never work properly. 
  • That is why it is always recommended that whenever you encounter some problem with the Aura Sync software always remember to check the connections of the strips to the headers on the motherboard. 
  • There again, if you are still trapped and have your Aura Sync in a non-working condition, then there is one last solution remaining. 

Solution 4: Remove all other RGB software

Just as mentioned earlier, Aura Sync will always clash with any kind of similar software. That means if you try to install Aura sync over some other preinstalled RGB software then get ready to face some major issues. 

  • Therefore in order to uninstall the other RGB software, press the Windows key and R altogether. In the open dialogue box type in “appwiz.cpl” and press enter. 
  • An application manager window will open. From here, right-click on the other RGB software(other than Aura Sync) and uninstall it from your system. To completely remove the software from your system, restart your operating system.
  • Now after the system restarts, open the Asus Aura Sync application and see if the issue has gone or not.
  • Note: on the contrary, if none of the solutions mentioned above does solve your problem, then you can always seek help from the internet. There are lots of third-party software available online that can solve your problem. 

Another thing is that, if you are a complete novice to the gaming world and does not have any about what Asus Aura Sync is, then download the software today and see for yourself. If you find out you are also a victim of this problem then try the above solutions. 

How to install Asus Aura Sync?

Here is a quick installation guide for the Asus Aura Sync. follow the below-mentioned steps to install Asus Aura Sync on your system. 

  • Open your browser and download the latest version of Asus Aura Sync. 
  • A zipped folder will get downloaded on your drive. 
  • Unzip the downloaded folder to extract the installation file. 
  • Click on the setup and follow the steps to continue the installation procedures. 
  • Once you are done with the total installation procedure, restart your computer and launch the Aura Sync software. 

The above-mentioned solutions are practically applicable to solve problems like Asus Aura Sync not working.