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Epson Error Code 0xe8

[Fixed] Epson Error Code 0xe8 (Quick Guide 2022)

Is your Epson printer showing error code 0xe8 every time you try to print out something? It is quite common for Epson users to face the Epson error code 0xe8

The continuous appearance of the error code indicates that the OS might be corrupted or the printer driver is not compatible with the system. Therefore, you need quick and efficient solutions to fix it.

Here, we will discuss the reasons and solutions regarding the error code in detail.

What is Causing Epson Printer Error Code 0xe8 to Occur?

You must know the additional reasons before trying to solve it. Below is a detailed list of the reasons behind the error code

  • Inadequate ink, paper supply and paper jam is another reason.
  • Physical damage to the device and abrupt system shutdown can also cause Epson error code 0xe8.
  • If the system recently recovered from any malicious virus or malware attack then the printer may show the error code.
  • Unsuitable software and applications present in the system and incomplete installation or uninstallation of programs.
  • Running multiple applications on the PC at the same time is also a reason behind the issue.

Due to this error, the performance of the printer can be severely disturbed. It can slow down the response time of the device or can completely stop it.

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5 Solutions for the Epson Printer Error Code 0xe8

Various easy solutions are mentioned below that you can try and resolve the error, such as: 

1. Manual Update

This method is also known as an advanced solution. To perform this method first, you need to switch on your computer and sign in with the registered system password. 

Then, click the ‘Start’ button. When you see the menu, open and go to ‘All Programs’ and from there select the ‘Accessories’ option. From the ‘Accessories’ choose ‘System Tool’.

In the ‘System Tool” select the ‘System Restore’ option. A new window will open up and in that window. You will find an option saying “Restore my computer to an earlier time”. 

Choose that option and click ‘Next’. A menu will be displayed. Choose a restore point from the menu. Now, go for the most recent system restore point and then click ‘Next’.

You will see a confirmation window popping up. Press the ‘Next’ button located on it. When the restoration process is finished restart your PC and check the system status. 

2. Automatic Method 

This is an automated method useful for solving the Epson error code 0xe8. To initiate this method open the system browser and go to the Epson official website. 

Search for the ‘Epson error repair tool’. Once you find the error code 0xe8 repair utility, download and install it. When the installation is complete, open the tool and locate the ‘Scan’ option.

After clicking on the option, the tool will scan the system for any errors. If found, the tool will ask permission to fix them. Allow permission by clicking the ‘Fix Errors’ button. When the process of fixing errors is finished, restart your computer and check the system status.

3. Printer Driver Update

If the printer driver on the system has become outdated then it can cause the Epson printer error code 0xe8. To avoid this you need to update the driver to its recent version. 

To update the printer driver you need to click the ‘Start’ button and then go to ‘Settings’. In the ‘Settings’ window select the ‘Update & Security’ option. From there choose the ‘Windows Update’ option. 

Then, press the ‘Check for updates’ button. If there are any new updated versions of the driver available then click on it and wait patiently while the printer driver gets updated.

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4. Using the Troubleshooter Tool

Troubleshooter is a Windows inbuilt tool that scans and fixes any error in your system. To launch the Troubleshooter tool, click the ‘Start’ button and open the ‘Control Panel’. 

From the ‘Control Panel’ choose ‘Network and Internet’ and then the ‘Network and Sharing’ option. When the ‘Network and Sharing’ centre window opens up, search for the ‘Manage Wireless Network’ link and click it. 

For the next step, click the ‘Adapter Properties’ option, the ‘Connection Properties’ dialogue box will appear. Afterward, choose “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” from the ‘Sharing’ tab and click ‘OK’. This completes the troubleshooting process.

5. Turn On the Printer Online Mode

Switching on the online mode of the printer can solve the Epson error code 0xe8. To do this you will have to first go to the ‘Start’ button and from there open the ‘Control Panel’. 

In the ‘Control Panel’, look for the ‘Printers and Faxes’ option and click it. Once opened, locate the ‘Printer’ icon and right-click on it and choose ‘Properties’. A window will open and in that window, search for the ‘Port’ tab. On the tab, click the ‘Add Port’ option.

A drop-down menu will appear. From that menu, select the TCP/IP port. Next click on the ‘New Port’ option and enter your printer’s IP address then click ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’. This will ensure that your Epson printer is switched to Online Mode.

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Additional Suggestions

Apart from these solutions, there are a few important aspects that you can do to fix Epson error code 0xe8.

  1. Check the printer wires. Check whether they are properly connected to the computer. Unplug them and wait for a few seconds then reattach them. 
  2. Use antivirus software on your computer. It keeps the system safe and secure from any malware attack. It will help to prevent error 0xe8.
  3. Do not operate multiple applications at the same time as it can freeze the system.
  4. Switch off your Epson printer, wait for a while and then switch it back on.
  5. Do not allow the ink and paper supply to run low and remove any paper jam.
  6. Uninstall any damaged or corrupted files from the system.
  7. Keep the printer head clean.

Try out these methods to prevent as well as solve the Epson printer error code 0xe8.