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epson printer error code 0xe3

Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0xe3 With 2 Easy Methods

Epson Printer Error Code 0xe3 primarily occurs if there is an obstruction in the carriage, fault in the paper tray, cartridge issue or paper jam. The occurrence of such an error prevents you from continuing any printing task.

Often, if you fail to set the device properly then this problem can occur. The printer might respond to your instructions at the initial stage of the printer setup but will eventually fail to do so. 

Now, this problem can occur irrespective of the printer model you are using. Thus, if you want to prevent any further complications, you need to fix this error at the earliest.

Easy Hacks to Resolve Epson Printer WF-7610 Error Code 0xe3

Here are the two simple and easy solutions that will help you get rid of the error. Follow the solutions that are illustrated below. 

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1. Resolve the Error Manually 

In order to fix the Epson Printer Error Code 0xe3, you can perform certain steps on your own. They are given below: 

  • First, you need to switch off the printer and detach the power cable as well as the USB cable from the printer and the computer as well. 
  • Open the printer cover and check whether there any kind of paper jams that are there or not. If you see one, remove it at once. 
  • Now press the “Copy” button and verify whether the printer is responding. If the device doesn’t respond, check for any type of tapes that are remaining in the printer along with foam blocks. 

Remove them as soon as possible very carefully and gently. Now, you can set up your printer and print according to your wish. If your printer still doesn’t respond even after a successful setup, proceed to the next method. 

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2. Clear Obstacles from the Cartridge Caddy 

Once again you have to turn off the device and turn it on. After that, publish a self-test report from the device. Carefully go through the report and analyze what needs to be corrected. 

Now, you need to detach the ink cartridge from the printer cradle. In order to do so, follow the instructions given below: 

  • As the printer is already on, hold to open the scanner lid and make sure you won’t make any physical contact with the print head. 
  • Keep a safe distance from the white-colored cable that is present inside the printer. Now, tap on the Stop button and wait until the print head moves the cartridge to the position from where it indicates. 
  • If the cartridge is full and you are willing to remove it, press and hold the Stop button for about 5 seconds while the cartridge is in the position of replacement. 
  • Now, carefully remove the cartridge from the cradle by pressing the cartridge tab. Check whether any type of materials are present there or not. Clear it as soon as you see one. 
  • If you are re-inserting a brand new cartridge, shake it back and forth at least four to five times without breaking the seal. 

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After the successful re-insert of the cartridge, pull down the scanner cover and once again tap on the Stop button. Make sure that the print head returns to its original position and the power light is signaling correctly. It might take a while as the print head will eventually discharge the ink. 

We hope that these two processes would help you to resolve Epson Printer Error Code 0xe3. Now, you can start printing all your own desired documents easily.