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HP Printer Not Responding – 3 Easy Hacks To Resolve

If you find that HP Printer not responding, then there might be various reasons that can lead to such a glitch. The possible reasons which are preventing the printer from work normally specifically error in printer connection, a fault within the antivirus software, firewall blocking the computer’s access to the printer or a mismatched configuration.

You must try to fix these above problems in order to get back the printer in its normal working condition. Here, we are about to discuss the most recommended solution to help you out of the situation.

Best Possible Solutions to Fix HP Printer not Responding

All the possible solutions to the above problems are here as follows. We advise you to go through all the solutions very carefully. 

Solution 1: Verify and Check the Connection of the Printer

Connection problems are one of the basic reasons behind an unresponsive printer. When the HP printer shows any type of error message, you need to check the connection status. 

Check the USB connection: 

In order to check the USB connection of the printer, switch off the printer and wait for some time. We hope that you have connected your printer and the computer with the help of a USB cable. 

Detach the cable from both devices and turn on the printer. When the printer reaches its ready state, plug-in the cable. After that try to print a document and check whether the device is printing correctly or not. If the problem still persists, move to the next solution given below. 

Verify the Network Connection: 

The HP printers might face problems due to network glitches. To verify and check the network connection you can just restart the printer. Wait for a few moments and verify the network connection. 

For Mac Users:

If you are using Macintosh OS, click on the “Apple” menu and select the “System Preferences”. After that, open the list of printers from “Printers and Scanners”, “Printers & Fax”, or “Print & Scan”. Find the name of your printer and click to open the printing queue. If you don’t find the name, add it by clicking on the (+) button. 

Solution 2: Check the Security Software and Computer Firewall

Corrupted antivirus also creates a barrier for the printer to work normally. Along with that sometimes the computer’s firewall also blocks the incoming connections from the printer. 

This occurs when the printer is connected to the wireless network. When there are glitches in the antivirus software, then the printer denies printing your desired documents. Disabling the antivirus temporarily can help you to resolve the problem at the earliest. 

If it doesn’t work, then you can uninstall the security software. You also have to re-configure the firewall so that it allows the incoming connections from the printer. If correctly done, you will be able to print your documents without any further hassle. 

Solution 3: Verify whether the Printer is Configured Properly

If your HP printer is not configured properly, then you must re-configure it as soon as possible. Here are the give instructions that will help you to reconfigure all the settings of the printer. 

  • Click on the “Start” menu button and open the “Control Panel”. Now select “Devices and Printers”. 
  • From the list, select the name of your printer and right-click on the icon. After that, choose the “Printer Properties” and access the ports tab. 
  • Check whether all the ports are properly selected and working accordingly. 

Now, make necessary adjustments and changes in the tab, if required. After that, try to print and we hope that you will be able to print your documents with ease.