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Portuguese and Brazilian IPTV m3u Lists Updated in 2020

Today’s generation believes in gathering new information on their personal interest. And this is exactly what happens when it comes to watching television shows. Due to the rise of the digital world, everything came under the fingertips.

The TV industry took advantage of this situation and spread its wings all over the internet. Hence, now everyone can watch Tv shows anywhere at any time. Now Tv follows you everywhere and is generally known as IPTV.

The concept of IPTV is spread all over the world. Hence, today in this article we are going to discuss all the updated IPTV m3u list or lista IPTV m3u atualizada(in Portuguese) in both Portuguese and Brazilian.

So for the people who love to watch online movies, web series, sports and other TV shows on IPTV, .m3u is a great platform to watch all of your recent favourite shows under one roof. Because of the fact that the platform is maintained by a community, hence, you can get any latest TV show.

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From great playlists to movies and TV shows from almost every genre. here, you can get it all. But these things also give rise to confusion to choose between the best Portuguese and Brazilian IPTV m3u lists. That is why today we took the privilege to give to the latest updated IPTV m3u list.

Important Note:

Everyone should know one fact that all these online streaming websites like IPTV are blocked by several Internet Service Providers, or if they do have allowed then they always keep an eye on your online activities.

Therefore as per safety and security terms are concerned, it is always recommended that you should always use a VPN service whenever you access the IPTV website.

So let us go section-wise and list down all the lista IPTV m3u atualizada.

lista IPTV m3u- Brasil

Now you have an idea about the concept of IPTV. Henceforth, in this section of the article, we are going to the updated IPTV m3u list of Brazil.





How to watch Brazil IPTV m3u links on the VLC Desktop?

The best and the most comfortable way to watch your favorite IPTV shows is by playing them on the VLC media player of your PC. So as per to do that just follow the below steps.

  • At first, you need to download and install the VLC media player on your PC.
  • Now open the VLC media player and right-click on the opened screen.
  • From the open options choose “open file”.
  • Now browse to the folder where you have downloaded the IPTV m3u playlist file and open that file.
  • Wait for some time, until the file gets loaded. And once the file is ready it will start automatically on your VLC media player. Apart from this, you can also search for certain Brazil IPTV channels of 2020 by just typing in the name of the Brazilian Tv show in the above search box.

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lista IPTV m3u- Portuguese

Just as mentioned above, the updated IPTV m3u list is also available for Portuguese language streamers. The IPTV Portugal free server connects to hosts from all over the world and provides you HD quality online streaming files.

The best part is that these files are downloadable too. So that means now you can watch all your favorite Portuguese Tv shows online anywhere, anytime. All the streaming links we listing below are well tested.





Some other updated IPTV m3u playlists

How to watch IPTV on your device?

No matter if you have a PC or a mobile device, you can watch IPTV on every device. That is why in this section of the article we will give you a complete guide by which you can avail of the IPTV service on any device.

Watch IPTV m3u – On Smartphone

It is very to install all the updated IPTV m3u lists on your smartphone. Moreover, you can download all your favorite TV shows on your smartphone.

So just follow the below steps in order to watch and stream IPTV on your smartphone.

  1. The first thing you need to do is download and install the IPTV application on your smartphone. The IPTV application is easily available in the Google PlayStore.
  2. Once you are done with the installation procedure, open the application and press the “+” button(placed on the top right corner).
  3. Upon pressing the button a blank field will open. Here you have to enter the URL of your link.
  4. Type in the URL and press OK.
  5. Keep patience until the page loads itself on your device. Once the page is ready you are in the middle of all the channels, movies and web series.

Now if you want to switch between channels, then that process is very easy too. All you have to do is navigate to the top left corner and tap on the option “More”. After tapping you will be redirected to the page where you can choose any list you want to play on your smartphone.

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Watch IPTV m3u- on Kodi

Kodi is an operating system generally used by Linux users. This shows the availability of IPTV through every OS. In this section, we will guide you to easily install IPTV on Kodi.

Basically, there are two ways by which you can install IPTV lists on your Kodi operating system. One is by installing the whole list individually and number two is by installing multiple IPTV lists with playlist loader. 

Install IPTV lists individually

In order to add the whole updated IPTV m3u list individually, just follow the below steps

  • First, download the .m3u file on your Kodi and keep it in an easily accessible place.
  • Once you have downloaded the m3u file, open the m3u platform and go to “add-ons” then “my add-ons”.
  • From that section select “PVR customers”. As the option expands, select “PVR IPTV Simple Client”.
  • Now open this option and choose the “Configure” option.
  • After this, a page will open on your display from where you have to provide the location from your list.
  • Here you will get two options to select from. “Local Path” – location of an m3u file that you downloaded on your device and the “Remote path”- the internet address ending as .m3u.
  • Now after you are done with this step, click on the confirm button to initialize the procedure.

Wait for some time, till the channels load. Once you are done with that you will get a message that will tell you that you have to restart the Kodi. Follow the instructions.

After the Kodi restarts itself, now you will be able to access your channels from the Television section. If you are using Kodi then you can run some channels in the background and you can easily by pressing the “back” button.

Install the Updated IPTV m3u lists with Playlist Loader

For those Kodi users who want to install several IPTV m3u lists at once, then Playlist Loader is the best option. If you are using the playlist loader then you don’t have to delete the pre-installed IPTV lists.

Hence let us see by using playlist loader how you can easily install all the updated IPTV m3u lists for Portuguese and Brazilian. Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open your Kodi, and from the add-on section, open the playlist loader.
  • In the playlist loader, choose the name of your created playlist.
  • Now choose the location path of your .m3u file. Here again, you will have to choose from the two options, Local list, and remote list.
  • From here you have to select the channel logo and the channel source logo. But you can always skip this step if you want.

Once you are done with all the above steps, the updated IPTV m3u list will get installed on your Playlist loader. 

In the End

So finally we can conclude that if you follow this article then you will get the most updated IPTV m3u lists. Apart from this, we have also discussed several other questions related to IPTV, like how you can play IPTV on your smartphone and as well as on your Kodi device.