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Mac Best Practices

5 Mac Best Practices To Follow In The New Year

The New Year is here, and it is time to start afresh at home and work. When it comes to boosting your work productivity, it depends greatly on the devices you use. If you are a Mac user, you are in luck because there isn’t much you need to do to get the device in top shape for the year ahead. Just a little work is enough to optimize its speed, performance, and security, and you will not even require a professional to do it. Here is a checklist of Mac best practices you should follow in the New Year.

Backup your data

The first thing you need to do is to secure your data with a backup. Even the best devices may crash or run into hard drive issues, and your data will be at risk if something unfortunate happens. Start the year with a backup and follow it as a weekly routine ahead. It will save you from a lot of trouble because you will be able to salvage lost files. Thankfully, you can rely on Time Machine for cloning the entire hard drive. You may also do it manually by dragging and dropping files to an external hard drive. Using an online cloud-based service is another good idea.

Eliminate unnecessary applications

Over the last year, you may have loaded the system with several applications that you never use and do not even need. They do more harm than good as they consume your system resources if they load services at startup. You may disable them, but they will occupy the precious disk space you need for storing your files and programs. Start by reviewing the ones installed on your Mac and list the redundant ones. Get down to work and eliminate them one by one. You will notice an instant boost in the device performance, and the additional space will do a lot of good in the New Year.

Reduce clutter and organize

New beginnings are all about cleaning up, whether it is your living space, office, or your computer. Getting rid of the unnecessary applications is only half the work done, and you should also clear the redundant file as a part of the Mac declutter spree. Besides deleting the ones stored in the system, check the duplicates in your cloud storage and remove them as well. Your desktop also deserves attention because it is often overlooked and becomes a dumping ground for unnecessary files and folders. Once done with decluttering, make sure that you organize everything you want to keep. It will keep the system clean and also makes files and folders easy to access.

Update the operating system and applications

Another critical aspect of the New Year’s housekeeping is to ensure that your Mac is running on the latest version. Installing updates for the operating system and applications is an assurance that you have the latest performance improvements and security patches by Apple. It covers your device on both speed and security fronts, which translates into better productivity ahead. Apple comes with regular updates, and you should not miss out on them, but most users tend to go complacent about them. Schedule the pending ones at the start of the year and keep track of whatever comes later so that you can keep your Mac in top condition.

Go the extra mile with security

Although updating your Mac will arm it with the latest security patches, you cannot be too sure about malware protection. Hackers are consistently coming up with sophisticated ways to compromise devices, and Apple is a prime target for them despite its reputation for being extra conscious about security. Installing reliable anti-malware software should be on top of your task list right now. It will scan the system for infection and block threats in the future as well. So you will have one less thing to worry about when using your Mac throughout the year.

While Mac is a great machine to own, you need to do your bit to get the best it has to offer in terms of performance and security. Following this small checklist can make a big difference, so go ahead and do it on priority right now. Shine up the device and make it new inside and outside!