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On-page SEO factors for your SEO content

An empty page in the top positions of SERPs about a decade ago was not too difficult to rank; it just took a few backlinks. Today the quality of content will be the highest priority for all internet businesses, according to digital marketers.

Approximately ninety percent of the total web traffic originates from search engines, so a business cannot stay unindexed in order to get success. Search engines provide certain requirements for users who wish to use their support to manage websites. The greatest customer interface is the first and primary prerequisite.

Google has engaged millions of customers since it strives to have the most reliable solution to any of their problems. It has not a solution to all the world’s problems. That is why it lists other websites and shows the best data.

Now, why would the results reveal your website if you don’t have the right response?

Over more than two decades, they have been focusing on the isolation and evaluation of specific content from the crowd. Today, it’s almost done.

Both digital marketers and writers know that backlinks can’t do good if the content doesn’t follow the exact search engine requirements.

Here we will discuss all the on-page SEO factors that play an important role to rank your content.

Keywords are here to stay

One of the first things SEO tells beginners is the importance and usage of keywords. There were, however, questions about the importance of keywords for content in 2020. Some individuals are saying that Google will now determine the pertinence without keywords, although others argue that a high degree of machine learning and AI is required for that purpose.

Both hypotheses are valid and to some degree important. You must use the target keywords in the text, but not necessarily. You can also use keyword synonyms, apply preposition, and support verbs to make search engines appear normal and comprehensible in keyword phrases.

Include keywords in the title

While it is old school it also makes a big difference having the relevant keyword in the H1 heading and title tag. You can see that the search keyword is in the title tag with most top-scoring results, even if it doesn’t fit precisely.


Include keywords in URL

The keyword emphasis in the URL will serve as a ranking factor, as described in the SEO Learning Center of Moz. You should make a short URL for your posts.

Include keywords in Mets tags

The use of target keywords in the Meta description is not as relevant as before but is still recommended by many leading digital marketers. On the other hand, if the target keyword works naturally, you can still seek to include any things in your text.

Density of keywords

The density of the keywords should be typically between 0.5% and 3%. You can check the density of keywords using an online keyword density checker. To illustrate relevance to search engines, you should follow the minimum density requirements and then use LSI and partly-match keywords.

Check the user engagement

Google offers the best experience for consumers. It thus tracks the user engagement with your site. When users can’t find the answer they are looking for, the actions of the majority will suggest you won’t get priority in the search engine ranking.

Try to make bounce rate lower

Customers would leave your website after a few seconds if they do not find what they are looking for. It is called the bounce rate. A poor bounce rate means you couldn’t get the customer involved with your business. Try to engage customers so that your bounce rate gets lower.

Same traffic repetition

It’s called direct traffic if people type a URL in a browser to access a website. When a customer mentions the URL of your site, it means you are providing a successful service. In fact, repeating the same traffic is also a strong factor to rank your content.

Search intent is important

To get organic traffic to your webpages, you should learn the best use of keywords. The users will leave your site right away if the search intent does not suit your text. Make sure you offer exactly what the consumer wants by building a user persona.


Improve dwell time

Dwell time is the time a person spends on a website before returning to the search engine results tab. Common wisdom assumes that if you find anything helpful, you would possibly stay longer. This means that you should grab the reader’s eye at the beginning of the article and keep him interested.

Comments mean engagement

Comments on a blog post, while not universally agreed, display signs of dedication. You should invite the reader in the comment section to express their views and answer each to inspire others.

Get quality links

The biggest element of SEO is backlinks. Here, we are referring to outbound links. These are the links that take users to other websites. Moreover, the links that redirect your users to the same site are internal links. The use of links in the posts is not a major factor in the rating, but it increases user interaction and allows relevant content to appear in search.

Remove spam links

Your material is devalued when linked to broken or spammy links. You just need to ensure that you are linked to reliable sites, preferably with high domains. Do use too many do-follow links if possible.

Write fresh content

Google’s modern era reaches beyond backlinks and the number of words. This is the age of deep learning in America. In order to have the best details up to date on a website, Google Algorithms focuses on the consistency and importance of the fresh text.

Avoid to write plagiarized content

Google prefers fresh and original content. It aims to determine the value of the new content by niche and appropriately prioritizes the results. For starters, news articles are only one day prioritized. You cannot continue to re-upload the same post to maintain its freshness, you may continue to modify it.


Re-uploading same content can cause copyright issues it can harm your site’s credibility.  You must go through an originality checker with percentage, available on google. With this you’ll find either your written content published elsewhere or not?

Increase the readability of content

Enhance the contents’ readability if you want the reader to read the whole post. The reader doesn’t know if it’s written horribly. When you don’t make it easy for them, they probably won’t feel like reading. This is the skill of good content authors that allows for quick reading of the most complex concepts.

Includes bullets for readability

Lists work in the same way as photographs. It is very easy and quick to provide a lot of information. The whole article should, however, be like this. Create headings, style articles, and, where possible, use lists. The reader remains committed to this combination of styles.

Quantity of internal links

Most qualified SEO researchers originally built a framework for internal connections when planning a search engine platform. Create a link tree from the homepage down to the related internal pages. It will present a well-structured and expected content and help you lower the bounce rate.


Include schema markup

Very few know the importance of a style and layout. Before you start writing, every article should be planned. A style not only encourages the user’s interpretation of the content but also allows users to understand it. You should use the schema markup to arrange your content.

Schema markup offers information about the site for search engines. This optimizes the content for voice search too. Most leading digital marketers believe that SEO is the future because there is a growing rising amount of people who use voice searches.

Include images, videos, and infographics

The website looks weird without colors and photos. It is important to use short images and videos to enhance the experience of the user. Therefore, good photos in any post are recommended by Google.

But the only thing that impresses today’s internet users is the use of colorful pictures. You should add short videos, GIFs, and photos to make the content interesting and easy to understand. The SEO of photos also increases the likelihood of the website being identified.

Improve UX of your site

You should present your content in the best way possible because the content is about the users. Content is the first development for SEO experts in their effort to rebound from a destructive SEO attack. With SEO content, the user interface is more important than using keywords. We addressed how Google measures user engagement, now it is important to learn if this experience can be improved.

Include sources in the content

Search engines and smart people are looking for online content resources and origins. Everyone on the internet can write anything. That is why people need trustworthy sources. To make it more reliable and easier to classify, use links to specific references for the high authorities in the content.


Okay, that’s enough for today. We know, it will be difficult to digest all that but you can categorize these factors for your ease. All of the above-mentioned factors play an important role to rank your content in search engines. So, you should consider all of these factors if you want to get more traffic to your we