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windows vista password reset

The Best Tips to Reset your forgotten Windows Vista Password

Have you ever faced a situation where you cannot log into your Vista system as you have forgotten your password?

Well, you will ve relieved to know what you are not alone. Every day people from all over the world face this issue with their Vista system. The Vista operating system is a proud member of the Windows operating system family. 

The good news here is that even if you have forgotten your login password, then also you can log in to your vista system. And that is by asking the administrator to reset your password.  But in case you are the sole administrator of your system then there is a trick to unlock your system. 

That is why today we took the privilege to guide you with 4 tips by which you can easily log in to the windows vista operating system without any password. 

But before going straight to the tips and tricks section, let us gain a brief knowledge about the Windows Vista operating system first. Therefore, those of you who don’t know anything about Windows Vista concentrate on the next section. 

Windows Vista- On a Brief Note

First released in the year 2017, Windows Vista is a proud member of the family of operating systems by Windows. Windows Vista is very much versatile in nature and can be used on any PCs. 

That means either you are using a home desktop or working on a business PC, irrespective of any system you use, Windows vista automatically fits into any system you use. With Windows Vista, Microsoft added many cool features to the operating system. 

Such as an updated graphical user interface and a brand new visual style. Apart from all this, there is also a completely new feature called Windows Search and a new multimedia tool naming Windows DVD Maker. 

But the usability wise, Microsoft has kept its traditional feel that every user finds pretty much comfortable.

The best tips for Window vista password reset 

So now you know what Windows Vista operating system is and what it feels like. Therefore here, we will give a step by step guide or tips for your Windows Vista password in case you have completely forgotten your password and can’t access your system. 

Follow the below-mentioned methods and will be able to unlock your Vista operating system without any kind of passwords. 

Methode 1:

Make use of the Windows Vista password Reset Disk

Windows Vista Password Reset disk is a very useful utility especially in these types of cases. So by any chance, if you have already created a Windows Vista password disk on your operating system, then your work will be much easier. Here we are concluding that you have created the password reset disk. 

So, in order to get back into your system by using the password reset disk all you need to do is…

  • Every time you enter a wrong password in your system, the operating system will ask you to reset your password. The line comes as a link just below the password entry box. 
  • Here, at this point, connect your password reset disk into your system 
  • Now click on the “reset password” link.
  • A password reset wizard window will open on yours. Click “Next” to continue to the next step.
  • In the newly opened window, select the path to the password reset disk and click “next”.
  • Now in the dialogue box type in a new password and the system will also ask you to provide a hint of your password. Then click “next”.
  • Click Finish to end the whole procedure. 
  • After you are done with all steps, restart your system. Now try to log in to your Vista operating system with the newly created password. 

Method 2:

Windows vista password reset in Safe Mode

The best part of the windows vista is that the operating system comes with a hidden administrator account. This account does not show up on the log in the screen rather it is kept hidden. 

But in need, the user can access the administrator profile at any point in time. Now if you have never accessed this account then there is a chance the password is also unaltered. Generally, the password of the administrator profile is empty. 

So in order to get into your system, you can boot up your computer into safe mode and then log in as an administrator. After this, you can easily get into your system and change your login password. 

Method 3:

Use the trick of the Sticky Keys for Windows vista password reset

The trick of the sticky keys to reset any password is a very traditional way to fix your problem. This is a very easy and reliable process and requires no help from any kind of third software. So to follow this trick all you need do is follow the below steps

  • First freshly boot up your system by a Windows Vista setup DVD. 
  • Now from the booting menu launch the Windows Recovery Environment (WRE). 
  • After this replace the sethc.exe file with cmd.exe.

That’s it! Now you will be able to log in to your Windows Vista operating system.

Methode 4:

Windows Vista password reset by a third party software

This solution can be considered as the last option you have for your Windows Vista password Reset. You can always download any third-party software from the internet to reset your password. 

Take a look at the below steps:

There is a lot of third-party software available on the internet that can help you with your password problem. 

  • So first you need to download the ISO file from the internet and install it on your Vista operating system. 
  • Burn the ISO image into a DVD or a flash drive. Then insert the same into your system.
  • Now reboot your system and boot from the inserted DVD or flash drive. 
  • After the whole booting and setup processes are finished, a window will display on your screen. 
  • Select the targeted profile from the list and reset it. 
  • So once you are done with the complete procedure you will be able to log in to your Windows Vista operating system, without any password. 

Final Words

Forgetting your log in the password of your Windows Vista is not an extraordinary problem. Rather people from all around the world face this kind of situation very frequently. 

Therefore, if you have done the same mistake and now cannot get into your system, just follow the above-mentioned methods or solution to get your problem solved right away.