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Recover Deleted Files On Server
Data Recovery

Recover Deleted Files On Server Easily And Securely

Losing a file from the server is anyone’s most horrific nightmare. The moment you realize the file is gone not just from your system but from the server, you feel lost too. This sounds like there is no way out, but I have a good news. You can recover the deleted file from the server using Server Data Recovery support.

How Is A File Lost On A Server?

Many companies use a shared folder over the server for giving its access to everyone. When there are so many hands inside one folder, an accident could happen anytime. It’s a good thing if you take backup regularly or if you keep a shadow copy on your server. But sometimes the file could be deleted before the scheduled backup. And not everyone keeps a shadow copy of every file. So, if you have lost data from your server, you still can find them.

Server Data Recovery

How To Recover Deleted Files On A Server

Every day, your system makes archives of the files on your server. So, if you have lost the data, you can start by looking into the archives for any previous versions of the data. In case, you don’t find any previous version of the data, you can use other methods to retrieve the data like:

  1. Recycle Bin – This should ideally be the first place you must look into. If yours isn’t a huge network, you must first look into the recycle bin. You can’t rule out the possibility that it could have been mistakenly deleted. And deleted files can be recovered from the recycle bin without much hassle.
  2. Data Backup – If you are the kinds who believe in regularly taking the backup of the data, you are saved. Even if the latest data in the file wasn’t backed up, you will have the access to the previous version of the file. Something is always better than nothing. If you are working in a company where multiple people have the access to the same file, ask the creator if they have the backup with them. In case of no backup, you still have a last resort.
  3. Data Recovery Software – You can pick some data recovery software for retrieving the lost data. Just download and install the software. Run it and let it scan for the drives. Select the drive for which you want to use the software. The software will scan all the deleted and lost files. Select the ones you want to recover and click on next. Let the software do its job. Once you find the file, put it up for immediate backup after it is restored.

At Last

You must always be careful while working with a data, especially when more than one person is working with the same data. They can be lost easily. Anyone can accidentally delete it or any issue on the server can remove the data. You must always take a backup. However, even if, despite, everything you happen to lose the data, you must not worry. There are ways you can recover them, even from the server.