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The Ultimate Guide to Sign PDF

With the COVID 19 pandemic still going on, people are finding ways to make less contact. That is why the old way of meeting people is slowly fading away, especially if it’s not necessary. If you have that PDF document that needs signing, then there is a new way out.

You no longer need to consume time in lengthy meetings and preparing the right paperwork. It’s also tiring of waiting for someone to decide after wasting too much time. So, how about getting that PDF online and having it signed there.

Platforms such as CocoSign came in to simplify the work for you. Therefore, say goodbye to all the traveling and other aspects in the old way of getting the job done. Once you see how it works, you will be recommending it to your friends and business partners.

Part 1: Using CocoSign to Get a Signed PDF Fast

CocoSign is now helping people get signatures faster than the allowed time. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s time to know why it’s popular in 180+ countries. To get a signed document, all you need is to upload it and assign the signing tasks.


After that, wait for the completion after signing your part. Later, you can download your PDF (or whatever you need to be signed) having every required signature. Does that appear simple? Here is a highlight of what you will witness once you are on this signature platform:

Multi-User Signing

If you need more than one signature on the document, then that is possible. All you need is to upload the form, sign your part, and then share the CocoSign link with the interested parties.

Although it may appear as a longer process, you can also choose to email the document. That’s applicable if the individuals also use CocoSign. That way, they can embed the signatures and send the PDF back to you.

Supports Multiple Devices

CocoSign is a web-based platform. You can therefore use it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. That also implies you can use those devices to sign the PDF. All you need here is an internet connection and an updated browser.

Various Ways to Create a Signature

You can choose to write your signature using a touchpad or the mouse. Other ways include using the signature suggestions provided on the website. If you already have an e-sign, you can upload it before using it on the desired PDFs.

Cloud Storage

After signing, you can keep the document in CocoSign’s unlimited cloud space. That excludes the need to download and print if it’s not yet time. Also, with online storage, you can access the file anywhere, at any time.

Instead of traveling to meet your prospects for the signing, just check it and sign the PDF on CocoSign’s website. If there are multiple signatures needed, share the link, and watch the email notifications as everyone signs.

Part 3: PDF Electronic Signature Applications Via CocoSign

From individuals to companies, signatures are vital for obvious and unknown reasons. Having a platform that aids in reaching the needed document will always make the job easier.

Here are a few situations that may demand an e-sign as you proceed:


If you want to verify an inventory or simply hire an assistant, a signature will be required. Having a platform that aids in digital signing will cut down the traveling costs and the time consumed.


Are you working from home? This is the current norm for many, and it’s an excellent switch from the traditional way of working. When it’s time to work on a long-term project while far away, an e-sign will be necessary.  


If you are a learner, parent, or guardian, you need authentication from the school involved. Having a platform that can help sign the papers in minutes will ease the movement and the time consumed.

The few suggestions above will help you brainstorm and see where else an electronic signature can apply. As long as the PDF gets to your CocoSign account, the rest is solvable in the blink of an eye.

Part 4: How to Sign PDF Using CocoSign

Using this fast platform, here is the procedure to follow when you need a signature on a PDF.

Step 1: File Upload

Go to the CocoSign website and visit the page to sign a PDF. Upload using the various methods included. You can drag and drop, upload via the ‘choose file’ option, or get the file via your preferred online storage.

File Upload

You can upload one or more documents depending on where you need the signature. After that, click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 2: Signing the PDF

You can choose your signature style from what CocoSign has provided. Other ways include using the mouse, touchpad, or a stylus pen if you are working with a graphic tablet. Once you have it, use it on the document, and that’s it.


Other things that you can include are the timelines, text, email, and initials.

Step 3: Getting the Signed PDF

When you (and everyone else involved) finish signing, the document will be ready for download. To do that, you have to sign up for a free account with CocoSign. You will be guided via a popup, or you can choose to use your Google account.

After the registration or sign in, click on ‘Next’ to proceed. You can later use the top-right corner button to download. There is also an option to send the PDF to your email.

Parting Shot

With CocoSign, you will be utilizing the future technology in getting signatures done. It’s completely free to create the signatures and have all your PDFs signed. To get exclusive features, however, such as template creation, there is a fee involved.

It’s entirely legal to use such a platform for the signing processes. Further, you get the best encryption for your data to ensure there are no steals or unauthorized access. Now, it’s time to cut the long travels and spend just to get a few signatures on your PDF.

All you need is an internet connection and an enabled device to deploy CocoSign.