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Improve Your VPN Experience

Tips to Improve Your VPN Experience

If you’ve ever been concerned about online security and the threat of cybercriminals, no doubt you’ve already looked into getting a VPN. But even if you have a VPN installed and are already enjoying the great benefits it offers, there’s always more a VPN can do. That’s why we’ve looked at the top tips and tricks to improve your VPN experience and laid them all out before you. Enjoy.

#1 – Speed is the name of the game

VPNs are handy tools in giving you access to faster speeds. After all, hundreds of servers are available to choose from, so you want to make sure you’re using the fastest. This is true if you use your VPN for downloading or streaming your favorite shows – the last thing you want is any lag. That’s why it’s always a good idea to test out the different servers available and see what speeds they offer. Occasionally the speeds displayed might not be the same as you experience, so it’s worth trying it yourself before committing. You don’t want to settle down for your European movie night just to find that you’ve picked the wrong server and the speed’s too slow.

#2 – Save your favorite list

Following on from above, once you’ve found some great servers, it’s worth remembering them. The best way to do this is to make your very own favorite list, which the majority of VPNs allow you to do. That way, you’ll find your servers that have the best speeds and can connect to them quickly. It’s also good if you use your VPN for shopping online or watching content in other countries. You can save them all down so when you fancy sitting down and watching a TV show, you know which server to choose, rather than going through a long list.

#3 – Activate split tunneling

Activate split tunneling

One neat little trick that VPNs let you do is ‘split tunneling,’ which you might not have heard of before. It’s a feature that lets you split what internet traffic you allow to come through the VPN. Don’t worry; this isn’t something that’s going to compromise your VPN use. Instead, it helps if you need to exclude specific software or apps from your VPN and run it across your usual connection from your internet service provider. It lets you enjoy the benefits of both worlds while putting you in full control. You can always find out more about split tunneling, how it works and why it would be good for you. No doubt you’ll be using it in no time.

#4 – Don’t let get frustration get the upper hand

You’ve heard the old adage of “turning it off and on again,” especially when it comes to anything connected to computers. A computer acting slow? Turn it off and on again. TV a bit blurry? Turn it off and on again. VPN playing up and downloads not working or buffering while you stream. Don’t give in to frustration and turn it off and on again. You don’t need to. When you do turn it off, your VPN will try and reconnect; sometimes, it might go back to the server you were previously on, so you’re not actually getting anywhere.

Sometimes it might try and choose a different server, and then you will notice better speeds and service. But you don’t need to turn it off to do that – just switch to a different server instead. It’s quicker and easier to do and saves the hassle of restarting your VPN.

#5 – Loads of devices? Try a router

Lots of VPNs offer you different licenses to pick from when you get your VPN. And those licenses often allow you to download the VPN on a certain number of devices. If you’ve only got a few that you want to cover yourself, such as your smartphone and your computer, then that’s fine. But what if you have more in the house you want to cover? Firstly, it means you’ll have to individually download the VPN and install it on each device, and then configure accordingly. Secondly, there’s the chance that you might need to buy another license to cover more devices. That again means more things to manage. You can cut all of that out by getting a VPN router. Get that installed at home, and then all devices you have connecting to the internet will reap the VPN online security benefits.

We hope these five tips help you to get the most out of your VPN experience. Faster speeds, split tunneling, and easy switching are just some helpful techniques we’ve found that really improve the way to use a VPN.