Use Electra Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 / iOS 11.2 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Devices

This is an insanely good news to the users who are patiently sticking with the iOS 11.3.1 / iOS 11.2 and looking for the Jailbreak to arrive. With the inventions of Electra Jailbreak, now it is easier to overcome every shackle of apple device. Your phone is now ready and capable to run the software which is normally not allowed.

Limitations to Electra Jailbreak:

  1. Electra Jailbreak is compatible with the iOS version of 11.4 and 11.4.1
  2. Besides, Electra Jailbreak is semi-untethered which indicates that, if your device does not have enough power, it can turn off your device promptly.

Mandatory Precautions to take before using Electra Jailbreak

Make sure that you have an entire backup of your devices. As you may lose all the data while running this tool. Not only that but also you have to complete a full backup before installing a new software.

electra jailbreak

Electra Jailbreak Pre-requisites:

  • The modern version of iTunes.
  • The Apple developer ID
  • Most importantly, The Electra 1131 IPA file.

Let’s take a look on how to use Electra Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

  • At first, you have to enable the Airplane mode. You need to access the Control Center to the tab on the airplane mode before using Jailbreak.
  • Coolstar has advised disabling the Siri mode. You can locate the settings to navigate the Siri. Select the home button for Siri and turn it off.
  • Once you have enabled the airplane mode and disabled the Siri, you can reboot the phone. After the reboot process, you have to make sure that there is nothing changed in the device.
  • Lastly, you can download the Electra Jailbreak and the Cydia Impactor on your system. Cydia Impactor is compatible with any of the operating systems.

Note: Well, there are two versions of Electra Jailbreak- i)one which uses Multipath TCP Exploit and ii) another one uses vfs exploit. Users who have the Apple developer account should download the Dev Account that uses TCP exploit.

  • Install the Electra Jailbreak using Cydia Impactor: You have to launch the Cydia Impactor and drag the Electra Jailbreak file. Next, you have to put the Apple ID and password.
  • Now, you can run the Jailbreak process. There will be a reboot process after which you can enable the Jailbreak.
  • The last but not least step is you have to wait for the Jailbreak to complete the entire installation process. It notifies you once it’s done.

Is Jailbreak Really Recommended?

Though Apple does not support Jailbreak, you can use the tool on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod if you have prior experience in using Jailbreak. As Jailbreak takes your phone away from the security of Apple. Thus, your device is vulnerable to any malware effects. As you may install an exciting app which may be also dangerous occasionally.

In case, you face any trouble with your system, then suit yourself with the Apple Tech Support team. They have a team of professionals to guide you entirely. For any query, contact them on the toll-free iOS Technical Support

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