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Windows System32

What happens if you delete System 32 Folder?

Every operating system needs some files and programs to run. These files and programs are encrypted in a non-deletable folder in the local disk drive of the OS. Likewise, the Windows operating system also uses a set of files to run properly on your computer. The System32 folder can be founded in the local disk C partition of an Operating System. As this folder is responsible for the proper running of the system, that’s why it is included in the system folder of the OS.

Many users who actively surf the internet and get convinced by some internet clowns that deletion of System32 folder can boost up your computer performance, etc. But let me tell you something, after reading this article you will be aware of the fact that how much system32 is important for your system.

What is Windows System32?

Windows is using system32 folder from Windows2000 version for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Sytem32 is a folder which is installed in your during Operating System installation. From this piece of information, you can assume that how much important is System32 to run your system.

There is a huge list of files and extension that are included in the System32 folder. It mainly consists of two types of files like DLL (Dynamic Link Library) and EXE (Executable) file.

DLL (Dynamic Link Library): These files are responsible for the execution of most of the application of a windows system. If u are playing an audio file then a DLL file will run at the back-end. From starting your OS to getting updates for your current version, DLL files play a vital role.

EXE (Extension): These files work when you try to open some software like Google Chrome or Microsoft Office. Extension files are also responsible for the execution of important applications like winlogon.exe. Without this won’t be able to log in to your system.

What happens when you delete System32?

Deleting Sytem32 is not that simple for a regular user. Windows uses various protection layer to keep the file secured. When you try to delete the file windows will pop up several warning windows which will prevent the folder from getting deleted.

Still, you can delete the system32 file by deleting the files one by one. You will have to take authority from the OS. For that, you will experience a lag in your system. Various programs will stop working and several applications won’t launch as you have deleted the files that are supporting the applications to work.

Sometimes, the system will take a sudden shut down and won’t restart as you have already deleted the files which are responsible for your OS booting process. In that case, you have to install a new OS as per to get your PC work properly.

As deletion of system32 may harm your Windows Recovery system, therefore you won’t be able to restore the previous versions and you may face a critical condition. That’s why you should keep this in mind that Windows has a reason to protect this folder with many security layers.

System32 Virus Effects:

Sometimes it is possible that some malware or spyware may affect your system32 file. They tend to hide in the folder causing harm to the Sys32 files. Due to these viruses, you may notice some abnormal behavior in your system.

In these cases, the user is suggested to not delete any random files from the Sys32 folder as you might end up deleting some important files that will harm your system even more.

Rely on some trusted anti-virus software and let it do its work.

How to Recover System32?

You may also face some other kinds of problems regarding System32 file like System32 error or accidental deletion of System32 files. But there are several processes to always recover your mistake.

For System32 error below points might be useful:

  • Always create a backup of your files. 
  • Use third-party software to remove malware, virus, and spyware.   
  • Always scan the files you download from the internet.
  • Try to download the softwares which are compatible with your system.

Then again if you have accidentally deleted the System32 file from your computer then try to re-install the operating system and go for a fresh start.

More FAQ’s regarding deletion of System32

1. How to Delete System32 in Windows 10?

Though deletion of System32 file is not recommended, still if you want to delete the file then you should follow the steps:

  • You can delete System32 using notepad. The procedures are available on different websites.
  • Take the ownership and delete the files

2. How to find System32 folder in Windows 10?

Like other Windows versions, Windows 10 has its System32 file located in the system file directory. Generally, it got installed while OS installation in the local disk drive or C drive of your hard drive.