epson printer not printing

What to do when Epson Printer not Printing?

There could be several causes of why your Epson printer not printing properly. Your prints could be streaked with lines, incomplete, or fainted or there is a chance that your printer has a clogged nozzle which is a common problem faced by users. Maybe your Epson printers aren’t responding to the commands or can’t even read it while printing. This becomes a little frustrating with time, but we are here to guide you with your printer problems.  

Why your Epson Printer not printing?

As I said there could be several factors due to which your Epson printer not printing or working and one common reason could be Clogs.

What are the cause of Clogs?

The reason for Printhead clogs is the nozzles often get blocked by either ink or air. And this takes place when you don’t change your ink cartridge the time low ink warning is shown and instead you keep on printing and see faded prints or ones streaked with multiple lines.

The second cause could be you do not turn off your printer and because of that, the ink dries up in the nozzles or have air bubbles in it.  And the last case could be not using your printers regularly and irregular use could dry the ink completely and stop the flow.

Let’s check other issues and how can you figure out what is actually wrong if there isn’t any clot that stopping your Epson printer from working.

How to detect and fix your Epson printer issues?

We will discuss some common problems that users often face while printing. Give it a thorough read to figure out what is the problem specifically with your printer and how to overcome it and make it working again.

1. Clean your Printhead Nozzles

Clearing out the nozzles is not a tough job and very efficient in case your printer has stopped working and here is how to clean the nozzles.

  • Go to the Home button and choose “Setup” and then choose “Maintenance
  • Select the “Printhead Nozzle Check” and your printer will come up with four color grids to illustrate which isn’t working.
  • If there are no gaps inbetween then choose “Done”
  • And if there are gaps or you see faint lines then select “Clean the printhead” and continue further.

Note: Don’t turn off your printer during a cleaning cycle or it can cause permanent damage.

2. Checking your Printer connection 

Make sure you don’t have any problems with your connection, so just see if any on the factor matches your issue.

If your printer is connected via USB cable

  • Check the connection of the cable or reconnect it and make sure they are properly fixed into the ports on both the printer and your computer.
  • You can connect your printer without using a USB
  • Check with other cables if those are working and if it turns out to be working, then you have to change the cables immediately.

If you use Network Printer

  • First, check your network connection and devices like router and modem and check the network connection of your printer and see if it is properly connected or not.
  • Reconnect your network cable if your printer uses the wired connection 
  • Try reconnecting your wireless printer to your home or work network.

3. Set your Epson printer as the default one

Not setting your Epson printer as the default could also be the reason for your printer not printing. Set up your Epson as the default printer

Here is how 

  • Click on the “Windows Key + R” on your keyboard to open the Run box.
  • Then type “Control” in the Run box and click on Enter
  • When the page appears, click on the Device and Printer option.
  • Then make a right-click on your printer and Set as Default Printer

This can solve your printer issues and if not there are other issues and fixes you should look into.


I really hope the above 3 given steps could be the real solution to your printer not working properly because these are the major and the most common problems when it comes to Epson printer not working or printing perfectly.
The article on Why Epson Printer not Working comes here to an end. But Still, If you can’t solve then you can call the Experts for Epson Printer Repair. And I believe you have found your solution and applied it to your printer to bring it back from not working conditions to finely working conditions.