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iPhone keeps Restarting

5 Ways to Troubleshoot When your iPhone Keeps Restarting or Crashing

Apple has always been known for its elegant design and extraordinary software and durability. Using Apple has always been a pleasure due to its flawless experience with very fewer bugs. But sometimes it gets more annoying for its loyal user.

 According to users’ reports, many people have faced the same issue of their iPhone keeps restarting, and other instances support that the app continued crashing and there is nothing doubtful that will help you understand what is the problem with your iPhone.

In recent years, a lot of users complain about surfaces up to about iPhone crashing very often. And the main concern is it disrupts all your work and then you have to waste time start looking for solutions.

If your iPhone keeps restarting and crashing all the time while trying to complete a task on your phone then there is a serious problem with your iOS. We will both discuss the problems you are facing with your expensive iPhone and how to troubleshoot when your iPhone keeps restarting and crashing.

Let’s see what kind of issue is generating the problem of crashing often.

Why does your iPhone keep Restarting or Crashing?

There could only be a few cases as to why is your iPhone often restarting or crashing while you are trying to do something on it. Well, we have come up with a few reasons which seriously can disrupt your work by restarting the device again and again.

The reasons are mentioned below: 

  • Your iPhone may have got stuck in a Restart loop and hence it can not turn on.
  • iPhone keeps rebooting and doesn’t stop.
  • Your iPhone suddenly crashes may be due to a software glitch.
  • It could be a problem of low storage 
  • A corrupted app inside can also cause the crash or frequent restarts.

In most of the cases, that we have come across to date the above-mentioned causes are the ones that came up. And now when we know what is causing the restart or crash, I think we will decipher the problem smoothly.

5 Ways to troubleshoot while your iPhone frequently Restarts or Crashes

Before you begin with the guide, you must take a backup of your iPhone. If it is a hardware problem, then you might lose it. So, its always better to prevent your data loss from backing it up. Also check iPhone Repair Dubai.

Fix 1: Update your iPhone’s OS (iOS)

Of course, you are aware that your operating system  (iOS) plays a very important role in the seamless functioning of your device. You never know sometimes a software update can fix the annoying restart problem.

To check the availability of software, you have to head to the Settings and then go to the General Software Update. If you see there is an update available. Make sure you install it for seamless functioning.

If you want, you can also connect your phone to your computer and update your iPhone’s software.  The new iOS release from Apple comes with a bug fix.

 Fix 2. Reset All Settings 

If there is a software-related issue that is causing the crash, you can try to Reset All Settings. Try this out and check if your iPhone has started working normally.

Here is how to do it: 

  • Navigate to the Settings
  • From the Settings menu, head to General section
  • Among the list, you have to select the Reset option and then click on the Reset All Settings to restore the iPhone’s settings to factory defaults.

You don’t have to worry about losing any app or any of your important data. After resetting your phone to default, you might just have to enter your Wi-Fi password again.

Fix 3: Remove your Sim Card

Your iPhone can get caught in a restart loop if there is an issue with your iPhone’s wireless connection. Basically, your SIM card connects your iPhone to the wireless carrier. So, removing the SIM  and then putting it back can be the best way out here.

You just have to simply eject your SIM card from the SIM tray by the help of a paper clip or SIM pin.

After ejecting the SIM, check if it is running fine or not. If you see the issue is fixed, then put back your SIM card in and restore your iPhone.

If this does not work out try hard reset in your iPhone.

Fix 4: Reinstall the Apps to fix Crashing of your iPhone

It is a very simple fix that could turn your iPhone back to running state, by solving the crashing error.

Here is how to do it:

  • Go to your iPhone home screen and tap on the App icon for 2-3 seconds to shake all the apps.
  • Now, hit the X button on top of the App icon
  • Once the App is installed, visit the App store and research for it.

Fix 5: Hard Reset to prevent your iPhone from Restarting or Crashing

You don’t have to run the Hard Reset process if it is not absolutely necessary. Before going through the hard reset procedure, if you facing any issues, then the iPhone Repair Dubai is the best to whom you can reach and repair all your iPhone issues.

To run a Hard Reset option, just press and hold the Power button and Home button at the same time unless your iPhone screen turns black and the Apple logo fades away.

For iPhone 7 or 7 plus, it is different. You have to simultaneously press and hold the Power and the Volume down button to run Hard Reset

In the case of iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X, you have to press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button and lastly you have to press and hold the side button.

Whatever model of iPhone you use, just remember you have to hold both buttons down together for 20 seconds or more. 

Sometimes, Hard Reset can quickly get back your iPhone to the normal running state.

Conclusion :

Hope you have gone through all the solutions given here to troubleshoot when your iPhone keeps crashing or restarting and found it useful.

The solutions we rendered:

  • Update your iPhone’s iOS
  • Reset all settings
  • Remove your sim card
  • Reinstall the apps to fix crashing
  • Hard Reset to prevent your iPhone from restarting or crashing

All of these solutions have worked for many users and I believe it will also work for you if done properly.