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Automation of the Planning Processes in FMCG: Learn How to Increase Your Profits by 3%

The same way it is described in a famous fable by Ivan Krylov called “The Swan, the Pike, and the Crawfish” where, according to the plot, animals decided to team up and pull a wagon together to achieve better outcome but failed because each pulled it in a different direction, FMCG companies often witness the […]


Types of CBD Oil

The cannabis industry is at its peak today. The bloom came after many scientific discoveries that change people’s perceptions of this plant and its effects. Cannabis and its derivatives are no longer undesirable. Moreover, products like CBD oil have become an integral part of almost every household. There is almost no person who hasn’t heard […]


10 Unique boy names and their meanings

Choosing a unique yet classy name for your baby boy would be the most significant and joyous reason faced by every parent-to-be out there! You must have started scouring the internet to find the most unusual names that will suit your baby’s characteristics.  In order to do hassle-free research, our list consists of the meaning […]