Looking for a Platform to Submit Guest Posts

A guest post always helps in promoting your site, allows reciprocal writing, awareness about many issues, and most importantly establishes authority. It uplifts the quality of the writing skills of a content creator. So, if you are thinking about issuing a guest post, Rizonjet is there to accept your piece.

Do you have any kind of tips and tricks or any sort of advice regarding the technical realm? You are most welcome to write for our site and make people more well informed with facts.

Our website is a storehouse of a wide range of technical topics. Rizonjet serves you well with the best info about many software, several recent updates, latest gadgets and even every sort of OS.

Why You Should Write for Us?

We always accept articles that serve people with proper information with detailed explanations. The pieces should contain what exactly the readers want to know about.

Also, with the help of our website, you will be able to reach a wider section of viewers who are always eager about tech and stuff. Not only your article gets a place but also your website gets a good publicity campaign. Thus, it promotes your business too.

Write for us if you want to reach out to millions in the technical realm.

What Guest Posts do We Accept?

Rizonjet is all about technology and so we always take articles from a guest website which deals with technical concerns. Your topic can deal with a software update, the latest Android version, and all the features of it.

We also accept posts that deal with the description of any gadgets like a router, an iPhone, or an ethernet cable connector. Do you have any tips regarding any gadgets or updates? Yes, we take those too.

We also encourage posts that deal with the security of applications from various problems like a viral attack, malware interference or any sort of cybercrime.

One more thing that we accept from writers from outer sources is different errors and solutions regarding any software and gadget. You should come up with a sufficient number of solutions to get rid of those errors.

The goal we aim for in the case of a guest post is to see that the viewers are not turning their heads away. Provide enough information regarding the topic so that if the clients want to know two points, he gets to see three.

Always keep in mind that your content should not contain any information that does does not link itself with the main talking piece element.

Guidelines: Know the Rules while Writing for Us

We do not act partially. We accept you if you are good. Remember the following points while writing for us.

  • Write content free of all errors. Give a proper structure to your article.
  • Use proper grammar and spellings.
  • No plagiarism should be there in your article. We will charge you a small amount of fee.
  • Interlinking is a must. Put proper interlinks in your guest post for making the readers enlightened about any sort of difficult terms, process, or point.
  • The articles should target the audience and the word count should be 1000.
  • Finally, do not use broken links or spam.

Why We Want You to Become a Hand of Ours?

Technical terms are very complicated sometimes. We know that. But what we also know is how to make complicated stuff comparatively a bit simpler. We obviously do not want our visitors to abscond our web pages just for some complicated terms and methods.

Write your content with simpler words. Make it easy for the readers’ eyes.

While giving any sort of solution addressing a particular error, use easy language to explain the processes. The reader should feel confident enough while reading the steps or methods. The article should make each and every reader feel like he or she is in the right place.

You should be very much aware of the features and working of the WordPress blogging website. You should know how to play an active role in the comment section as well. This will always help the readers to build up a powerful bond with you.

Are you capable of taking quality screenshots, transfigure them into images and use them on your articles? If so, then we will agree to receive your post wholeheartedly on our website.

How to Tie Up with Us?

To apply for uploading a guest post, submit the contact us form for a specimen of your writing piece. Our team will examine your article manually. If it meets all the necessary requirements mentioned above, we will send you a confirmation mail accepting your guest post.

Write well. Follow the rules. Be a part of Rizonjet.