Move Files from One Folder to Another

How to Transfer Files from One Folder to Another Automatically on Windows 10?

Transferring files from one folder to another folder might be a routined task for some people. Transferring files to some other folder is a time-consuming matter. As everyone knows that time is like a floating stream that’s waiting for none. So, in this era of fast-pacing, automation is an excellent feature that can save your […]

microsoft windows 10 upgrade

Time to Update: Microsoft Windows 10 users to Upgrade their System

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s one of the best inventions. Through its great features, you can use windows 10 both for your computer as well as for your mobile device. Its advanced features help you to secure and protect your data for business purposes. Windows 10 operating system is beneficial for small size business. To get […]

Windows System32

What happens if you delete System 32 Folder?

Every operating system needs some files and programs to run. These files and programs are encrypted in a non-deletable folder in the local disk drive of the OS. Likewise, the Windows operating system also uses a set of files to run properly on your computer. The System32 folder can be founded in the local disk […]


Windows 10 Preview With Its Features: Eye Control, Notification, And Phone Improvements

Microsoft is best known for its latest releases and Windows 10 Preview is one of them. This latest release of Microsoft has advanced features. Microsoft presents Windows 10  as service, You can get Seven leading updates in windows 10 which consists- November update, Anniversary update, creators update, Fall creators update, April 2018 update, October 2018 […]