Difference Between Onsite and Offsite Tech Support

Your IT providers provide two types of support for your issues Onsite Support IT Services and Offsite Support IT Services. Here, I am going to tell you the difference between these two support types.

Know About Offsite Support

This support type is very convenient both for the service provider and the customer. Another name for Offsite support is online or remote support. It is different from the Onsite Support IT Services. The tools used in this type are usually live-chats, videos, phone.

Your provider might also use the remote connection software like Teamviewer, GoToAssist, VNC or LogMeIn for extending their support service to you.

Onsite IT Support Services

Benefits of Remote Support

Offsite support comes with many benefits like:

Instant support

No matter where the users are in the world, they can instantly get support from your provider. The customer can avail free facilities like live chat or email support from them as well. And the user can call them as well, sometimes for free, if it is a toll-free number or sometimes at the regular call cost. Onsite Support IT Services takes time.


Since no technician is required to come to your premises, the customers get privacy along with the resolution.

Timely Support

The customer can avail offsite support on time. The providers have many team members that are always capable of helping you with your issues instantly. And if one member is unable to solve your problem, it will be escalated to another level with qualified members for taking care of the issues.


Remote support is also convenient for both the service provider and the customer. No one needs to travel anywhere, and the support team can simply connect to you through various ways for resolving your issues.

Drawbacks Of Offsite Support

Hardware failure is the major downside of the remote support. So, if you are facing a hardware issue, you can’t avail the remote support. It will be of no use. You will have to opt for the Onsite Support IT Services.

It is a little bit difficult to deal with hardware issues without looking at it. The support team member can try to resolve it through the remote support. However, if it needs some repair or the replacement, the customer will need the physical presence of the technician. Or, they will have to try doing that themselves, which might result in aggravating the issue or arising a new set of problems.

Onsite Support IT Services

When the technical assistance is provided to you in your premises, it is called Onsite Support IT Services. And it is offered only given if the offsite support couldn’t solve the issue. It is everything that offsite support is not.

Onsite support takes time, is expensive and highly inconvenient. The customer doesn’t get instant support because the time of availability of the technician and the customer has to be considered for fixing an appointment, which might not be of the same day. Then the technician has to travel all the way to the premises of the customer, and that takes another few hours.  

Both of these support types are vital in their own sense. While offsite solutions are quick, it can’t solve every issue.

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