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screen mirroring android to tv

4 Steps on Screen Mirroring Android to TV

Are you tired of enjoying movies and TV shows on your mobile phone? Relax, there is a facility for transferring your mobile phone to your TV, it is generally called screen mirroring Android to TV. With the help of simple steps, you can do it without any hassle. 

The steps might be simple, but every android phone has its own specialized procedure of screen mirroring. Thus, depending upon the variant of android phone you have, you have to know the exact details first. On the other hand, gathering a generalized idea will help you learn the process more quickly. 

Gather the Necessary Information

In the very beginning, you need to know what android OS you are using. Does your OS support the feature of screen mirroring? If there is a change in the term, then what is the new term that will define the feature? All this information is important for screen mirroring android to TV. In addition to that, get to know whether you have to add any extra device to the TV, and then establish the connection. 

The Generalized Steps

Getting a generalized view, with the help of these steps, will help you to connect the phone to the TV. Before starting the process, you must ensure that you have turned off the power saving mode of the device. The power-saving mode saves the battery when your phone is in standby mode. 

Step 1: Get, Set and Ready 

Android lollipop (5.0) or more, has the feature of screen mirroring or screencasting. One main thing you must understand is that the casting feature will not work from android to Apple or Windows devices. Grant the permission of the microphone, with the help of your phone’s dedicated Settings. If necessary, update the Google Play Service for better and fast connectivity. 

Step 2: The Casting Session 

Connect the mobile phone or the tablet to the Wi-Fi for hassle-free connectivity. If you are using carrier data, extra charges might be applicable. The dedicated Google Home application is there to avail the “Cast my screen” feature. Now finally, complete the casing with the help of “Cast screen”. 

Step 3: Make Necessary Adjustments

If you keep on pressing the up and down volume rocker buttons, then it will not work as the entire matter runs with the help of Google Home application. That is why you can only adjust the volume after opening the application. 

Step 4: Want to Stop Casting?

Yes, you can easily stop screen mirroring android to TV, with the help of a simple step. As usual, open the Google Home application, from your mobile phone or tablet. If you want to hold the process, then there is also a stop mirroring option. 

Secondary Device Assistance 

If there is no support of screen mirroring android to TV, then there are a few secondary devices and applications that support the screen mirroring. Some of them are like Chromecast, Android screen mirroring, Galaxy smart view, and others. On the other hand, creating a direct connection will also help in transferring the screen to the TV. 

With the help of Chromecast 


If your TV has a dedicated Chromecast device in it, then it’s absolutely fine. If not, then you need to get one and plug-in to your TV. The pre-installed application in the Chromecast has the facility of screen mirroring. Get the Android version, read the instructions carefully, perform the setup procedure to establish the hassle-free connection. 

Android Screen Mirroring Applications


Not only hardware devices but also applications will help you in screen mirroring android to TV. The mobile version of the Teamviewer is one of the most excellent applications that exist. Other than that, Vysor, ApowerMirror, AirDroid and others are also there. These are such types of applications that have the ability to support all the android mobile phones and tablets as well. 

Galaxy Smart View

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet users will get the most upper hand. It is the dedicated feature that all the Galaxy devices have. Go through the device, observe all the instructions and mirror your phone to the TV screen. 

Wired Connection

A hassle-free way without any chances of failure. The HDMI cable will play the key role here. Nowadays, most of the TV has the HDMI port, so it will not be so much difficult for you to set up the connection. 

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If you want the most satisfying results, then it is better to use the dedicated ways of screen mirroring. In exceptional cases, if you take the help of the third-party applications, then always make sure that they are present in the PlayStore. The wired connection is generally known as the shortest way of establishing a connection. Use a proper and good quality of HDMI cable for uninterrupted connection.