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Role of Technological Advancements in the Vehicle’s Safety

Traveling in personal transport is a requirement as well as a trend in the modern world. But when you talk about driving, you should get alert. The proportion of road accidents have increased due to careless driving. Due to this alarming situation, monthly car rental in Dubai Company ensures the presence of a driving license or IDP before renting a vehicle.

According to Dubai RTA (Road & Traffic Authority), more than 50% of road accidents are due to wrong distracting activities of teens. This situation is alarming and really needs to be addressed. Because these accidents are not only destroying your vehicle but endangering the life of teenagers. Don’t you think there should be a way to monitor your teens’ activities during their driving? Well, you don’t have any need to worry about this anymore. You can keep a check on the driving behavior of your teenagers. You will be glad to know that the automobile industry has started to introduce some safety features.

Automobile’s Safety Advancement Features

Here are some of the built-in car safety technological advancements present in the latest cars.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is a modern advancement of technology to avoid road accidents. If your vehicle has this feature, it will automatically detect the vehicles around by using radar. When the radar of your car is engaged with adaptive cruise control, your vehicle will maintain a specific distance from other vehicles.

Some automobiles’ adaptive cruise control is highly advanced in that it will stop vehicles. If you feel over-stressed and fatigued in handling the vehicle, this feature is quite comfortable for you. So, you should activate the cruise control of your car on the high traffic road.

Back Vision Camera

Whether you are going to buy a car or rent it, make sure of the presence of a rear vision camera. Along with the front and side traffic, you should also keep an eye on the backside of your car. A person died while reversing his car because of a blind spot present just behind his car.

After such a horrible accident, technologists introduced a real vision camera. The presence of a backside camera will not only protect you from the blind spots during backing over a car. Feel free to reverse your wheel while monitoring the backside view with the rear vision camera.

Automated Emergency Brakes

To cope with the carelessness of drivers, automated emergency brakes are established in these vehicles. Along with front and back cameras, you should also prefer an automating brake featured car. It will take action only when you don’t respond to protect yourself from the collision with other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

Like every emergency system, it will alert you first. And brakes your vehicle when there is no response from your side. At present, there are only a few cars having this advanced technology. But all the automobiles going to launch in the upcoming years will have a highway speed automatic emergency braking system.

Blind Spot Warning

This feature is designed to detect threats of blind spots. Blind spots often encounter people while changing lanes. Having a blind spot detector in your car will automatically keep your lane changing more secure and safe. These detectors make use of cameras and radar for illumination of the danger zone.

There are various types of blind spot threat detective devices. Some systems will produce a sound alarm as an audible warning while you are operating in the wrong direction. The modern cars have a more advanced system which will even block your vehicle in case of any blind zone.

Electronic Stability Control


Electronic Stability Control is a computerized technology made for safety driving purposes. Whenever you feel your auto is skidding on a slippery road, it will immediately block your car. The automated braking system of ESC will enable you to maintain your control of the steering wheel.

According to a recent survey, the automobile industry reported that almost 50% of car accidents stopped due to ECS. So, if you want to make your driving safe, you should travel in vehicles having ESC. Even if you are planning a trip to the UAE, you can have this advanced feature in the auto rented from Rent a car Dubai during your stay.

Teenagers Safety Driving Technology

It has been observed that the major issue is to control teenagers to avoid accidents. Teens usually cross the speed limit while competing with one another. So, automakers are trying to establish a modern driver assistance technology. If you are not an expert driver, this feature will also facilitate you.

Parents are often worried about the driving of their teenage children. But now you can monitor yourself. Yes, it is possible though it’s surprising. There are some insurance companies that will install in-vehicle monitoring features in your car. Along with monitoring, a feedback device is also supported to report you.

Do you know about the parental control driving apps?

To keep your teen drivers alert under your guidance, a number of smartphone applications are available. Through these apps, you can monitor your teen’s driving every moment. You can set a speed limit for your car in this app. In case your driver crosses the limit, you will be notified. So, teens will avoid exceeding the speed limit and will drive safely.

So, technology plays a key role in boosting up the safety features of your car. Now you can enjoy your trips more freely without being stressed out about the accidents on unfamiliar roads.

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