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Best Ways to do Reverse Image Search on Your Smartphone

Reverse Image search is the best way to search for terms and images that are related to what you have typed in the search bar. Most search engines provide this feature, which is great. But what if you have a picture and want to know its source? Or find similar photos? that is when reverse image search does its job.

If you want to see where a photo was posted online, check copyright or publication issues, see other uses for it, or try to track the source of the photo, reverse image search can be very useful.

How does Reverse Image Search Operate?

Before we delve into the debate of who to use reverse image search tools on mobile phones, let’s take a look at how it works.

Most image search engines use several algorithms to scan and recognize that images based on size, shape, color, and many other features or characteristics. But on the other hand, some reverse picture search tools have come with a face recognition feature, which is useful to identify and finding images or photos.

The reverse process of finding an image is very simple: most tools simply load the image into the search bar or copy and paste the URL of the image into the search bar. The image search tool then searches the web and databases, where the specific image, source, and other relevant information appear.

The vast majority of these tools permit you to get to turn around picture search on your cell phone or desktop devices, either few tools are simpler to use on specific platforms.

Reverse Image Search On Smart Phone

You may already know how to do this on your computer, but it turns out that it’s also easy on Android phones. below, you can find some instructions on how to use the reverse image search tool most frequently and easily on your phone.

Google Image Search

Google introduced image search on mobile phones and tablets, though with limited scope.

If you activate on your phone, the camera icon will not appear in the search bar. It works with Safari but works best in the Chrome browser application (iOS or Android)

In Safari, click the icon in the upper left corner and select Get a desktop website. In Chrome, scroll down, click on the three menus, and select Request Desktop Site. The desktop version of Google Images is loaded in both mobile browsers, and the camera icon is displayed. Then you can load photos from the camera roll.


The is a similar image search engine to google reverse image search. This image finder will help to perform a reverse picture search and find similar pictures on the internet with multiple social networking sites as well.

To use this image lookup tool on your Android device, first, you need to access with any web browser. After that, you can upload the image by viewing it from your smartphone’s memory. IOS users can enter the URL of this tool in the Safari browser and search for similar images. As with Android, you can find the file on your device and click the “Find similar images” button.

This photo search tool will help you find images using the best search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc. You can discover the source and many other image formats with this utility.

Bing Reverse Image Search

Bing reverse image search has the same process on all platforms. To perform a photo search, you need to go to the Bing homepage. Click on the image search icon in the address bar. Then upload one or more pictures.

From any browser, desktop, or mobile device, type the address of the Bing homepage in the address bar. Click the center lens icon then Click to allow camera access to start the visual search. Click “Allow” to grant the application permission to access movement and direction.

By pointing the camera of your smartphone directly at any object, you can automatically recognize everything nearby immediately because the app will immediately read its content.

Alternatively, you can use the camera app to take a new photo or select one or more photos from your photo library for identification and reference.

TinEye Image Finder

TinEye is a popular website that helps you with reverse image searches. Visit in the web browser of your choice. Tap the arrow icon on the left side of the search bar to download the image. You can use the camera to take new photos, select pictures from the photo library, or explore other locations. The available options vary by phone. After uploading the picture, you will see the matches found.

The availability of these tools on mobile phones has made photo search much easier. You need not sit and open up your computer or laptop to access these search engines.