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Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Send Fax via Gmail

Gmail is the most popularly used email platform. It is so because of the many tips and tricks that in store with this platform. It offers the best kind of adaptable interface and benefits. Of all the additional benefits that Gmail offers, the ability to fax through Gmail makes it further more coveted. 

So, not only can you email seamlessly from Gmail, you can also fax through it. With your Gmail intact, you do not even have to go through the hassle of even buying a fax machine. All you need to do is just opt for CocoFax. 

In this article, you will be introduced to the most efficient tips and tricks to send fax via Gmail. So, even if you are a beginner to using Gmail or using an online faxing service like CocoFax, this article will provide you complete insight. 

CocoFax: Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Send Fax via Gmail

Online faxing services have evolved with time and fax documents can be sent in a very efficient manner through them. Of all the online fax service providers, CocoFax trumps all competition through its efficiency. 


While faxing through a fax machine could be time taking, we hereby share the top 10 tips and tricks to send fax via Gmail in a very procedural manner:

  • Open a Gmail account

If you do not have a Gmail account yet, you can open one. The basic requirements for having a Gmail account are to have a designated phone number and an email ID. If you have that in place, you can open a Gmail account almost immediately.

If you already have a Gmail account, you can access the same on your desktop, laptop, PC, tablet or even your smartphone. You can use any Gmail compatible device to send out a fax through email. 

  • Subscribe to CocoFax


You need to visit the CocoFax website and sign up for your account. Initially, you can also opt for a 30 Day Free Trial you attain from the application. Till the trial period, you have to bear no additional cost if you cancel the subscription within the trial period.

  • Getting a Free Fax Number


One of the many advantages of CocoFax is that it provides a free fax number. You do not have to worry about applying for a fax number as that is just a part and parcel of your very subscription.

  • Get a Fax Cover Letter 


CocoFax is not just the most leading platform with respect to sending and receiving faxes online, it also has very professional, well drafted, dependable and attractive fax cover sheets. CocoFax has over 100+ templates to choose from and this is just your short cut to looking very professional.  

Instead of searching a downloadable version of cover sheets available on the internet, you can do so directly from CocoFax. The application is home to a lot of professionally drafted fax cover letters that will only add more value to your business communication.

  • Enter the Sender and Recipient Information

You must state the name of the sender (you or the concerned personnel sending the fax). It is important to state the name of the recipient or else it leaves a lot of room and scope for ambiguity. 

If the fax remains unaddressed, unintended readers can read it if received on a physical fax machine. Therefore, to curb the risk of the fax being seen by an unintended person, it is essential to state the name of the recipient. 

  •   Call to Action

Stating the required mode of action is also essential. It encapsulates the crux or purpose of the fax and also helps the recipient in prioritizing the work.  So, in order to send a fax through Gmail and make it self sufficient, you must also indicate the expected call to action. 

  1.   Compose an Email

In order to send a fax through email, you need to begin by composing a ‘new’ email. So, just create a new email and that should act as your gateway of sending out the fax. You can access Gmail on your phone or the desktop. 

  •  Attachable Fax Documents

You need to attach the document that you intend to fax. Just be cautious of the fact that you need to add the document as an attachment. You do not have to enter the faxable document as text in the body of email.

In fact, even if you keep the body of email and the subject of the fax blank, it would not affect your fax. What matters is attaching the document to the mail. The acceptable document type for attachment is docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg formats.

  • Subject and Body of email

As stated earlier, even if you keep the subject and the body of email blank, it is okay. If you do mention some subject or write something in the body of the email, it will appear in a cover letter before the actual fax. You can do without entering it as well!

  •  Sending the Fax from Gmail

Now, comes the tricky part where you need to enter the email ID. If you have a fax number of the recipient, you can make the number compatible in the form of an email. All you need to do is enter the Country Code+Fax Number ( By doing this, the fax becomes adaptable to email. 



If Gmail is your go-to mode of communication, being able to fax through Gmail will definitely be good news to you. You can ascertain the amount of time and money you will be saving when you can send and receive faxes immediately.

Furthermore, the multiplicity of usages and flexibility of this app makes it a very coveted way to send out faxes. For sending a fax message, the above tips will definitely offer you more insight into how to send a professional, precise and time saving fax through Gmail. 

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