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New Tips For Playing CoD Warzone

When it comes to COD Warzone, speed isn’t the only criteria to measure your skills. Positioning, alertness, and excellent decision-making help shift the odds in your favor during a Call of Duty Warzone match.

These Warzone tips will not make you quicker, but they will help you stay alive and engage on more advantageous terms with your adversaries.

Several tips and tricks are available to remember things to do or avoid that will help you stay in the battlefield longer and prevent blunders. No doubt, you’ll have to put in the effort, but the COD Warzone hacks listed below will assist you in making smarter decisions while fighting. For more interesting hacks, visit

Obtain a smart UAV and use it to locate all of your opponents on the map

During gameplay, you may purchase essential goods from the BuyStations, such as the UAV, which displays a portion of the map and alerts you to nearby attackers.

However, nothing comes for free; the gadget costs $4000 and can only be utilized for a certain time. The UAV will reveal the locations and orientation of the other 147 players if all three teammates use it simultaneously.

Weapons should be used in the most efficient way possible

Attempt to secure your weapon to a base or whatever else you can locate on the battlefield. You’ll be able to minimize the gun’s recoil while shooting, giving you better targeting accuracy. During a battle, this can be a lifesaver.

Before you land, start killing your opponents

Why not get rid of a few guys before you even get started? In a Battle Royale game with up to 150 participants, every person you eliminate early on will make it easier for you to win.


As a result, some players devised a strategy to begin murdering their opponents while still in the air. To accomplish this, you’ll have to rip your parachute for a short time during your drop and use your rifle to shoot your opponents before redeploying it.

Make use of the Ping

The importance of the Ping cannot be overstated. First, it assists you in identifying your adversaries and locating the loot.

Second, it’s a method to keep your colleagues informed about what’s going on around them. Finally, remember to double-click the Ping key to alert your buddy to an approaching attacker.

Distribute the loot in your community

You may view your colleagues’ money in the bottom left corner of your screen. This is useful because your teammates will need to resurrect you by purchasing the appropriate things from PlayStation if you are killed.

As a result, you must constantly double-check that they have the $4500 required to make the transaction. This is why you must divide your spoils among your comrades.

Don’t forget to finish your contract assignments regularly

Contracts are still useful even if you are unable to complete them. They may, for example, disclose an enemy’s location or point you in the direction of valuable loot. It’s the greatest method to earn money.

Contracts are a new and exciting feature in the game. From collecting loot boxes to slaying a certain opponent – are all examples of tasks.

On the other hand, honoring these contracts rewards you with cash or unique powers, such as early access to the next decreasing zone before other players. It’s crucial to remember, though, that a club may only activate one contract at a time.

Use your loadout packages if you want to be more creative

While playing online, you’ve most likely spent some time selecting your equipment and weapon additions. You’ve undoubtedly accrued some benefits, which is why Warzone allows you to purchase the loadout pack, allowing you to call in your set of online gear.

This allows you to use your different talents to speed up recovery or improve running speed.

If you don’t have enough money, you may hurry to the loadout drop signals and loot their contents; particularly the Perks, which are quite valuable and offer you an advantage over your opponents.

However, be cautious, as many other players will be heading towards the drops to pillage them as well.

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say that CoD Warzone is the most popular group game as of now. Undoubtedly, Battle Royale games are difficult to master, but we all enjoy them.

Hopefully, these tips have been handy for you and help you get an edge over others. If there are any more tips you would like to add, let us know in the comments.