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Why is my Computer Running Slow

Why is my Computer Running Slow? [Try these Solutions]

How do you feel when your computer running slow? Are you frustrated with your slow computer? A computer is a daily requirement for our jobs, entertainment, etc. But, nothing frustrates us more than a slow computer. Slow opening of files and apps are very irritating. It also delays the work you are doing.

However, there are situations, where slowness is caused due to our actions. So, when your computer is slowing down, then you should ask yourself “why is my computer running slow?” There are multiple reasons for your computer to slow down.

Reasons for “Why is Computer Running Slow?”

This topic does not cover all the reasons but these are the most common reasons for the slowing down of computers and laptops. You can try each one. 

Running of Multiple Programs  

You should never leave the program open if you are not using it. If you leave any program open, even though you are not using it, it will continue to run in the background. This will be using the memory of your computer and will be slowing the entire processing time of the computer. Hence, it’s better to close any program if you are not using it.

Multiple Browser Add-Ons

If you are having too many add-ons or extensions, it can cause your computer to slow down. These add-ons also run in the background. This puts extra load on the computer processor and hence slowing down the computer. It’s better to off the extension if you don’t have the need.

Adwares And Malwares

Your computer might be affected by some malware if you have not run any antivirus for many days. Malware is a great reason why is computer running slow. These malware sneaks in your computer and can affect the system very badly. You can solve this problem by using antivirus software. And you have to make sure that you do this frequently to avoid any slowness in the future. 

Hard Drive

Hard drives are also a reason for your slow computer. These hard drives save data on a magnetic plate. And this is a time taking process. However, that is not the case with SSDs. These are the same kind of memory that is used in pen drives. They do not have any moving parts and hence the writing of data is very fast. In addition, computers can also access the data very fast.

But, they are a bit costly than hard drives. However, the money is worth it because of its speed. So, if you can spend a bit of extra money, you should definitely go for SSDs. For Laptop, it involves many sensitive parts. But, for a desktop, it is relatively easy.  So, it will be better to connect with Experts via call for your laptop repair. And, you don’t have to visit any shop and rely on shopkeepers.

Less RAM

If your PC is old, or you have bought a budget PC, then you must be having less RAM. In this case, less RAM is the reason why is computer running so slow. Insufficient RAM for the tasks you are doing on your computer can slow your computer down. Less RAM will not allow the running of multiple programs so smoothly. Hence, if you think that this is the reason for the slowing of your computer, then you should immediately add some more RAM to it. 

Wi-Fi Spongers 

Sometimes, the slowing down of the computers are not for some internal reason. If you are having an Wi-Fi network in your house, then its network setting must be public. In this case, there may be someone who is sponging your Wi-Fi network. By doing that, whenever you are using the network, your computer is slowing down for the added user. Hence, you should always keep your Wi-Fi network password protected. 

Being too Slick by the OS

There are many people who want their computer to look cool. They are very inclined towards using visual effects. This is one of the reasons why computer running slow.  These effects can affect the speed of your computer. They take up much of your processor for creating those visual effects. So, if you are having a RAM of over 1GB, and a good video card, then its ok to use these effects. Any specifications lower than that will result in the slowing down of the computer.

Not Rebooting Regularly

Rebooting is one of the common methods everyone uses first when facing any problem with their computer. If a person is not facing any problem, they generally keep their computer in hibernate or sleep mode. But, restarting the computer regularly is good even when you are troubleshooting any problem.

Many people do not turn off their computers because they want to quickly get to work from where they left earlier. This may be of great convenience but in the long run, it will result in the slowing down of the computer.

Another benefit of restarting is that helps to flush out the RAM. The RAM starts fresh after every reboot because a RAM is very volatile. If you see that any program, even after closing it down, is not returning the RAM, then restarting the computer can recover that RAM.


The above discussed the answers to your question “Why is my computer running slow?” All of them are the best solution and you can try them. But, It always secure to handover to the Professionals for any kind of Laptop Repair i.e, Slowing down the Computer/laptop, System not working, Harddrive replacement, etc, and many more. You can connect with the Experts via call or you can visit any shop to repair your laptop. But it’s better to go with Online Experts. So that you can resolve with your own and next time if you face this type of problems then you can solve it with your own.