driver power state failure

Fix: Driver Power State Failure in Windows 10

If you are an active Windows user, then you must have encountered the infamous Driver Power State Failure. Almost every Microsoft user in this world has faced a blue screen of death at a certain point in time. This blue screen of death caused due to driver incompatibility error is called Driver Power State Failure.  […]

windows 10 equalizer

How to Add a Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

Everyone loves to watch their favorite entertainment shows in a good, surround and ambient sound system. But everyone has different choices and prefers various sound mixes. Now the fact is that a sound mix can only be created by using a sound equalizer.  Hence if you are active windows 10 users and want to listen […]

windows 10 desktop mode

Windows 10 Desktop Mode: How to Change Tablet Mode to Desktop Mode?

Windows 10 came with a lot of new features. Windows 10 is the most recent and updated operating system released by the house of Microsoft. This time with the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft has mainly focused on touchscreen devices.  In recent days people tend to use those devices that come with a touchscreen. That […]

Boot configuration data is missing Windows 10

Fix the Problem of “Boot Configuration Data File is Missing Windows 10”

When you are booting up your computer for a successful startup it needs all the necessary configuration files. Hence, Windows will not be able to boot the system if any of these files are missing or corrupted. So, when this happens, you will see the error message of “boot configuration data is missing Windows 10”.   […]

windows vista password reset

The Best Tips to Reset your forgotten Windows Vista Password

Have you ever faced a situation where you cannot log into your Vista system as you have forgotten your password? Well, you will ve relieved to know what you are not alone. Every day people from all over the world face this issue with their Vista system. The Vista operating system is a proud member […]