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Canon Printer Error Code 5B02

How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5B02?(Step-Wise Guide)

If the waste ink absorber gets full, then you can encounter Canon printer error code 5B02 on your Canon MG 3520 printer. Also, if the Canon printer is unable to detect the sponge absorber, then the error code will appear, preventing you from accessing the device any further.

Sometimes, due to internal glitches, you might have to deal with this error. Once this error code appears on the LED display, you need to fix it immediately.

Fortunately, here we are going to describe effective techniques that will surely assist you to overcome the situation.

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2 Solutions to Fix Canon Printer MG3520 Error Code 5b02

Here are the solutions that you can attempt in order to eradicate the error code from your device.

Solution 1: Use the Service Tool

Before starting this solution, at first, you have to go to the Service Tool. Here, ensure that the paper has been loaded correctly. Next, follow the given steps.

Choose the Region Option

At first, you should proceed to the Set Destination section. Under here, you have to click on the drop-down arrow in front of the Region option. Furthermore, choose the “region” button as well as hit the Set button.

Select Set-Printer Prints One Sheet 

Now, you have to go to the ‘Clear Ink Counter’ section. Here also, you should tap on the drop-down arrow in front of the Absorber option. 

After that, a new window will appear on the screen. Here, scroll down and choose the main-Black option. Next, select the Set button.

Hit Set-Printer Prints One Sheet Another Sheet

Once you have successfully applied the above two steps, now its time to go to the ‘Ink Absorber Counter section. Under here, you have to mark the box in front of the Absorber option.

On the next screen, tap on the Main Black option and then choose the Set button. 

Tap on the EEPROM Option

The next thing that you should do is to proceed to the EEPROM section. Under here, scroll down and choose the Printer prints one sheet option. 

Choose the Auto Option

On the next window, tap on the Service Tool Window. Within the Service Tool, proceed to the top-right corner and tap on the Auto option.

Tap on the Test Print Option

After completing the above steps, you should tap on the Test Print option. Wait for a while as the printing task will take some time to complete. 

When finished, restart your computer and the Canon printer. Unfortunately, if the Canon Pixma printer error code 5B02 still persists, then here is another alternative to your rescue.

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Solution 2: Reset the Canon Printer

According to tech experts, after resetting the Canon printer the error code has been eradicated. This is an easy solution and you should try it.

To apply this solution, at first, power off the Canon Printer. Furthermore, you should press as well as hold the Stop/ Reset button. Continue holding the Stop/ Reset button and after that press the Power ON button.

Wait for a while and then release the Stop/Reset button. Keep holding the Power ON button and then twice press the Stop/Reset button. When the ‘idle’ message appears on the display, release the Power ON button.

Next, open the top cover of the printer to see the cartridges. Furthermore, you should lift up the cartridge cover as well as take out both the color and black cartridges. Close the cartridges cover and then power off the printer. Wait for a second or two and again turn on the Canon printer.

Once the printer is in the ready state, insert the cartridges and adjust them properly. Again press the STOP/ Rest button and then wait until it restarts. Release the Stop/ Reset button and restart your printer.

Else, you can power off the Canon printer. Afterward, unplug the power cable. Wait for a while and again turn on the printer. Now, insert paper within the Canon printer and try to print. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do if you see the ‘Printer in error state’ Message?

In case, you encounter ‘Printer in error state’ message on the LED screen, it indicates that there must be an issue with the printer. In such a scenario, you have to ensure that the printer is powered on. 

Also, make sure that the printer is connected to the computer through Wi-Fi. Besides that, search for low paper or ink and make sure that the top cover isn’t open. Also, you have to ensure that there is no jammed paper within the printer.

2. How you can reset the Canon ink Cartridges?

In the beginning, un-plug the power cable as well as the USB cable from the Canon printer. Next, you should open the cartridge door and then press and hold down the Power button.

Keep holding the Power button and reconnect the power cables. After that, you should close the cartridge door and release the Power button. Then, the ink cartridges will reset.